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marquee types

There are many marquee types, but which best suits your party, wedding or event? It can cause a bit of head scratching but if you know where your marquee will be sited and the style or theme you want to achieve, it’s easy to start honing in on the right marquee for you. When you talk to Lifestyle marquees we’ll ask you the right questions to help with the decision-making process.

In the meantime, we thought it might be useful to give a quick overview of the different marquees types available.

Traditional Pole MarqueeTraditional pole marquee

This is the archetypal marquee, the sort we all associate with halcyon summer days and country fayres. Its structure is based on wooden interior poles and features a high peaked canvas roof and side panels. Secured by guy ropes, this type of marquee can only be installed on grass. Traditional pole marquees lend themselves brilliantly to events that have a vintage, shabby-chic or rustic theme. They are perennially popular and we actually manufacture ours in-house.

Frame Tent

Frame TentAs the name suggests, this marquee is built using an internal aluminium frame – so no internal poles to accommodate and no guy ropes, meaning it can be installed pretty much anywhere, from a car park to a tennis court. Absence of guy ropes also means that a frame tent can work well where space is limited or awkward. The roof and wall panels are PVC, which can be dressed up with internal linings. Or you might want to go for a clear roof and window walls so that the outside is still visible inside – a great way of making the outside environment part of your event’s character.

Stretch tent

Stretch TentA much more modern structure in comparison to the pole marquee, a stretch tent has its own distinctive and aesthetic look. Like a frame tent, a stretch tent is incredibly flexible in where it can be installed and how it is secured, so it gives you another option for an awkward space. Made from fabric stretched over a metal frame, stretch tents look great when used as an open-sided canopy, a perfect solution if the weather is warm and dry, and when used with the sides in place it creates a lovely and intimate space.

Chinese Hat marquee

Chinese HatWe love the flexibility of Chinese Hats! Use in conjunction with a larger marquee or as a standalone structure, Chinese Hat marquees – also known as pagoda marquees – have the knack of adding elegance and personality as well as being really useful. Ideal as an entrance and reception space, their smaller footprint makes them perfect for use as a chill out/seating area for your guests. Add a series of them across the entire length of the marquee to really make a statement.

House extension marquee

marquee winter partyA variant of the frame tent, a marquee extension attached to your property is a great way of creating extra space for your party or special occasion. We can work to whatever space is available, whether you want to create an intimate dining area for 20 guests or a funky nightclub that guests discover the moment they walk through your patio doors. Take a look at some house extension marquee images here.

Why not take a look at our gallery to see images of the various marquee types available to help you get inspired? Alternatively give us a call on 01483 322070 or email and we’ll start discussing what marquee types are most likely to suit your event.