Marquee 10 point guarantee

We Guarantee:

Superb, impartial advice
Will be given throughout the process when and we’ll deliver on every promise that we make.

There are no hidden costs
All charges and any subsequent alterations will be agreed in advance of any work taking place.

Requests and queries
Will be replied to within two working days.

Emergency contacts will be available 24/7
During your event we’ll have real people ready to take your call in the event of an emergency.

Sites will be left as we find them
Weather permitting… once the event has finished you’ll never know we had been there!

Services will be provided by fully qualified staff
Power lighting and heating will be supplied by fully qualified professionals and we’ll give you their contact details for added peace of mind.


Final checks to your contracted items
We carry out extensive checks to ensure that everything we promise has been delivered before your event takes place.

Realistic timescales will be set and adhered to
Your Marquee installation will be completed and delivered on time and to the agreed standard.

Ensured wet weather plan
We’ll make sure that a comprehensive wet weather contingency plan is put in place so that your event is a success no matter what mother nature has in mind!

Exceptional service
You’ll want to recommend us to your friends!

In the unlikely event that we fail to deliver on our Service Guarantee, we will refund the 5% Damage Waiver Charge.