Climate control for your marquee

At Lifestyle marquees we are experienced in providing marquee heating and cooling solutions so that your venue is kept at an appropriate, regulated temperature to suit the season.

We have a choice of marquee heating solutions

  • Patio Heaters

    A popular and cost effective choice, our sturdy patio heaters can be used inside and outside. They are powered by propane gas, free standing and so are easy to position where required; a safe distance away from tent fabric and dressings of course!

  • Indirect Heaters

    Our ‘indirect’ heater units are housed outside of the marquee and are powered by kerosene or diesel. Heat is then blown into the structure via ducting that leads to slimline, floor level vents; subtly integrated into the design to provide an unobtrusive service.This marquee heating system can also be supplied with a variable fan speed and a have fan setting for controlled air circulation; these functions can be operated from within the Marquee.

  • Premium Heating

    Our heaters are sound proofed and we also supply high end ‘Whisper quiet’ LPG powered marquee heating units.


We can supply air-conditioning though they are rarely required in the UK climate. We also offer cooling units as an alternative to air conditioning. Standalone evaporative cooling units work on the principle of natural evaporation with the use of water, creating a ‘sea breeze’ cooling effect which can be a pleasant addition in the height of summer.

Lifestyle marquees Complete Service

Marquee Heating

Our Complete Service offers a seamless end-to-end solution; from your marquee, flooring, linings, lighting, star cloth, tables, chairs, catering, Christmas trees and decorations, to DJ’s, music, heating, walkways, electricity generator and luxury loos, we will deliver a 5 star service that you can rely on. All you have to do is approve the plan and we’ll manage the rest.