Stretch Tents

Stretch Tents

Stretch tents provide an unusual, festival style party space. Their unique appearance, created by the use of guy ropes and internal poles, is their main appeal.

What sizes do stretch tents come in?

Stretch tents come in a large variety of sizes from small to very large. Due to their inward curving walls encroaching upon their internal space it may be worth considering a slightly larger stretch tent if weighing one up versus its frame tent equivalent.

Why choose a stretch tent?

It’s all in the name – Stretch tents use a single piece of stretchable material, pulled over a series of internal poles and secured in place by guy ropes. This means that each stretch tent set up has its own unique look, dictated by the positioning of the poles. They may not be as practical as other marquee types but what stretch tents lose in practicality they certainly make up for in style.

Stretch Tents: Key Points

  • Stylish and unique appearance
  • Some useable space may be lost around the edges due to curved shape
  • Internal poles and guy ropes
  • Does not require lining/cannot be lined
  • Opaque, letting in more light – especially during bright summers evenings
  • Cannot be sealed to the ground to protect from breezes and rain
  • Cannot have doors or window walls
Stretch tents

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Do You Offer Other Types Of Marquee?

Yes! We offer a wide variety of different marquee types for hire. From frame tents to traditional pole marquees, lightweight structures, pagoda marquees, stretch tents and more.

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