Different Marquees

There are lots of different marquees, styles and designs out there. No matter what type of event your planning, there will be a marquee that’s perfect for you. Not only that, but each type of marquee is highly tailorable, meaning that you can create a bespoke temporary space that’s uniquely you.

In this article we explain how a marquee can be perfect for a wide variety of different events, plus the different types of marquee available.

Different Marquees: What’s your event? And why a marquee?

pandemic wedding planning, different marqueesWedding marquees

A marquee offers the opportunity to create a truly unique wedding venue. A wedding marquee can be designed to fit into your location and landscape at home or at the venue of your choice; taking advantage of garden features such as lakes, pools and terraces and to fit as many guests and functions as needed: Rehearsal dinners, pre wedding parties and the wedding reception itself! Why not take a look at our wedding marquee gallery or visit our wedding marquees page?

Extra space, different marqueesParty Marquees

Whatever your celebration a marquee is a blank canvas on which we can create an exciting, elegant, extravagant or eclectic ambiance tailored to your individual taste, style and requirements.

Whether you want a classic party vibe, or something contemporary with dramatic lighting and effects, a dance floor, chill out bar area or dining area, you can create your dream party venue with a marquee. Visit our party marquees gallery or click here to find out more

corporate evening event marqueeCorporate and commercial marquees

Whether you are looking to create a unique venue space for your conferences, AGM’s, staff parties or looking for some additional space for storage, additional retail space, temporary gyms, pools covers or anything else, a marquee could be your perfect solution.

Marquees can be tailored to the space that you have available and can be hired on short, medium or long term basis. Click here to find out more or visit our galleries to see examples of corporate and commercial marquee that we’ve supplied in the past.

Different marquees: Which type of marquee id best for you?

Frame tents

Frame Tent Marquee frame tents different marquees

Frame tents are highly adaptable, perfect for creating a bespoke and highly unique space. They have a modern, contemporary look and feel, can be used all year around and are available in a large variety of sizes and configurations.

Why choose a frame tent? They are very versatile. And with no internal support poles, they offer a completely uninterrupted space within. This means that there will be no obstructions to your guests line of sight during speeches, and no hindrance to bar, dance floor and table placements. Because they don’t require guys ropes, frame tents require less space than pole tents. Click here to read more. 

Traditional Pole Tents

Traditional pole tents are often referred to as ‘Trads’ or ‘Pole tents’. They are the archetypal country fayre marquee. They are full of character and are a less formal choice than their frame tent cousins, offering a relaxed, country vibe.

a marquee at home different marqueesTraditional pole marquees are ideal if you are looking to create a very traditional, rustic style of event venue. The centralised support poles certainly offer plenty of character and lend themselves perfectly to floral decoration or theming. They work well with coconut matting or no flooring at all – and can even be used with the side walls and roof space unlined, offering a small cost saving versus frame tent marquees.

We manufacture all of our pole tent marquees in house! They are of extremely high quality and made from breathable canvas material – meaning that they are less susceptible to humidity. Click here to find out more

House extension marquees

House extensions are ideal if you are looking to entertain at home, but just need a little extra room. They attach to buildings such as house or barns and use guttering to keep the rain out, creating a seamless flow from house to additional marquee space.

Marquee extensionHouse extension marquees are essentially frame tent marquees, adapted and built to provide a seamless extension from house to marquee. This means that they share all of the characteristics of the frame tent.

As with frame tents, they can feature clear walls and roof sections. They can be built onto solid, carpeted and even raised flooring. As with all of our marquees, house extension marquees can be supplied with full heating, lighting and electrical systems. To find out more, click here or see some examples in our gallery.

Clear marquees

2021 wedding marquee trends clear marqueesA frame tent can be turned into a partially, or even completely clear marquee. We use a combination of glass doors, PVC panels and gable ends to create this increasingly popular look.

Clear marquees make for stunning venues and definitely offer the wow factor! We can create completely clear or partially clear marquees.

Both frame tents and house extension marquees can feature clear side and roof panelling as well as glass doors. Click on this link to find out more about clear marquees or visit our galleries here.

Pagoda marquees

different marquees pagoda marqueesPretty pagoda marquees can be used in combination, or as stand alone structures. They are often used to create attractive entrances, reception spaces, chill out zones, bar areas or breakout spaces.

Pagoda marquees combine perfectly with frame tent marquees. Their elegant, peaked roof creates an attractive feature. The additional internal space that they provide makes them ideal for use as entrances, reception spaces, cloakrooms and chill out zones.

Find out more about pagoda marquees here

Talk to us about the different marquees available for your next event

We take a completely consultative approach to marquee design and supply. Importantly, we never try to steer our clients to what we feel is best for them; instead, we listen to and work with our clients, offering advice and guidance to ensure that we deliver the perfect marquee for every event.

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