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Whether inspired by Pippa Middleton’s glass wedding marquee, or because you’re a fan of beautiful, big blue skies, clear marquees can make visually stunning wedding or party venues… Then again, who wants to dine or party in a giant greenhouse?

There are lots of options when it comes to clear marquees. Your set up may be guided by the time of year, the start time of your event or the location of the marquee. Here are a few of our top tips to getting your clear marquee set up just right:

Clear Marquees: Time of year matters

Clear marqueeWhilst a clear roofed marquee on a blisteringly hot July day could prove disastrous for your wedding breakfast, it can work beautifully on a  clear, crisp late autumn or winters evening where your guests can revel in the last of the afternoon sunshine before settling in to enjoy an evening of fun and frivolity beneath a starry night sky.

If you’re having a summer event and your heart is set on a clear marquee then consider compromising with a white PVC roof. The gable ends (The triangular bits between which the two pitches of the marquee roof meet) can be completely clear, as can all of the marquee walls and doors, but you’ll Clear Marqueesbe shaded from the full heat of the midday sun and a beautifully dressed roof space can be spectacular.

Another option is a partially clear roof. Cover your dining area with white PVC roof panels but have clear sections over your dance floor and bar area. This option can work brilliantly – but beware, you’ll want to avoid floristry in this area and you’ll need to keep your drinks out of the sun for as long as possible. Dance floor panels have been known to bow and crack under the steely gaze of an angry summer sun, table centres, flowers and your guests are unlikely to fare much better…Winter Marquee

Clear marquees are a popular choice during the winter months, allowing you to make the most of any late afternoon sun whilst inviting the crisp, fresh vibrancy of a winters evening in as the sun drops below the horizon. A good set of marquee heaters are a must during the colder months but light up your trees, house and garden features along with up-lit internal marquee ‘sails’ and a clear marquee in the winter months can be a wonderful thing.

Marquee location

Clear windows in a marqueeConsider your reasons for wanting to have a clear marquee. Spectacular views or beautiful garden features tend to top the list, though a desire for a bright and airy space comes a close second.

If your location provides beautiful views of rolling countryside, gardens or lakes for instance then why not opt for clear sides and gable ends? After all, most of the views will be visible through the sides and ends of the marquee rather than through the roof panels. However, if light is your passion then a clear roof could be what you want. Dress the roof space with sails or drapes to create some extra visual interest.

Marquee roof sailsWe’ve already discussed the affects of heat in a clear roofed structure so bear this in mind when choosing your marquee location. nearby trees can offer an interesting view as well as some potential shade from the afore mentioned midday sun.

Your event timings

Not to harp on about it but clear roofs, though beautiful, can be disastrous on extremely hot summers days. Steer clear of a clear roofed marquee if possible when hosting a day time event between May and the end of September – Clear sides and gable ends work just as well and you won’t cook your guests.

Clear MarqueesIf you are hosting an evening event it may be a different story.
Even so, remember that your marquee will have been standing out in the sun all day, you may need to open up the doors and windows to cool it down and air it out before your guests arrive. If you are having floristry, table centres or any other features that might be affected by heat then make sure you organise the latest possible delivery and set up with your suppliers.

If your dance floor or stage are under a clear roofed marquee panel then they could be affected by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Make sure that they are kept covered, if possible with a heat reflecting sheet, during the day. Your marquee supplier should be able to help with this.

Clear MarqueesClear marquees: In summary…

We love clear marquees! We even love them when they have clear roof panels – but in the same way that you wouldn’t want to drive a super cool soft top car with the roof down during a rainstorm, you’ll need to consider the best time to use a clear roofed marquee.

Certain types of event cry out for completely clear marquees and evening, winter or autumn events tend to lend themselves best to a clear roof set up.

Clear marquee party venuesClear gable ends and side walls with PVC roof panels offers a brilliant compromise for hot summers days, but clear sided and partially clear roofed marquees with the dining section covered work well too – Just be aware that the clear section will become very hot so you’ll want to protect any vulnerable features when the sun is at its highest point.

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