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Our party marquees offer the ideal venue for your party, whether it’s an important birthday, anniversary, Christmas, christening, house warming, barmitzvah, retirement party or corporate event… whatever your celebration we have the perfect marquee solution. A marquee is a blank canvas on which we can create an exciting, elegant, extravagant or eclectic ambiance tailored to your individual requirements.

What’s your theme?

Our planning team listen to your ideas and then work with you to create marquee plans and theming options especially for you. We have a wide variety of marquee styles for you to choose from. Our frame tent marquees offer unrivaled flexibility and can be tailored to create bespoke and perfect party marquees. Whether you want a classic tent with a starry ceiling, or clear roofed marquee with dramatic lighting and effects, a dance floor, chill out bar area or dining area, we can create your dream party venue.

What’s your theme?

  • Hollywood Nights – your very own Oscars
  • Titanic – an elegant nautical theme
  • Ibiza chic – crisp, modern, white with club tunes and chill out zone
  • Garden party – fresh, classical summer theme
  • Back to the 70’s – retro disco special
  • Christmas wonderland – cosy winter theme
  • Black Tie – sophistication and glamour in your own back garden
  • Great Gatsby – Glitz and glamour

Our Party Marquees In Surrey

We know how to create a stunning party marquee venue and we have a wide variety of fully tailorable marquees for you to choose from. We offer frame tents, house extension marquees, traditional pole tents, pagodas and clear marquee options too. You can download a free copy of our comprehensive ‘Marquee Hire Guide’ here and find out which type of marquee is most suited to you and your event. Alternatively, we’ve provide a brief guide to the different marquee types that we offer, below. Click on the links at the end of each section to discover more:

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Traditonal Pole Tents

Traditional pole tents are full of character – the archetypal country fayre marquee. They offer a relaxed, country vibe and provide a perfect setting for a traditional, rustic party or event. They are a far less formal choice than the frame tent marquee style, detailed in the next section. Great choice for a party marquees in Surrey.

Traditional pole marquees are only suitable for use between May and October. As they are fixed to the ground using guy ropes and tall central poles, they are not suitable for use in high winds or with wet, wintry ground conditions.

Why choose a traditional pole marquee? There isn’t a huge variation in cost between frame tents and traditional pole marquees. The choice usually comes down to personal taste. Traditional pole marquees are perfect if you are looking to create a traditional and rustic style of wedding venue. The centralised support poles offer lots of character and are perfect for floral decorations to attach too. Traditional pole tents work well with coconut matting or even straight to grass. They can even be used with the side walls and roof space unlined, meaning that there will be a small cost saving versus frame tent marquees, which – for aesthetic purposes – should always been lined.

We manufacture our high quality pole tent marquees in house, using breathable canvas materials. This means that they are less susceptible to humidity and perfect for summer events.

Frame Tents

Another term for the Frame tent marquee is ‘clearspan’. Clearspan means that there’s an uninterrupted space inside the marquee. Unlike traditional pole tents, there are no internal supporting poles within their structure. The term clearspan can sometimes lead to confusion as people assume that the term refers to clear marquee roofs and walls; if you are interested in clear marquees, see the clear marquees section, below.

Frame tents are highly tailorable and are perfect for creating bespoke, highly unique marquee party spaces. They have a modern, contemporary look and feel and can be used all year around. Frame tents are available in a wide choice of sizes and configurations.

Why choose a frame tent? Versatility is always a good selling point when it comes to frame tent marquees. They can just as easily be adapted for rustic occasions as for contemporary events. They can be configured in a variety of layouts – both internally and externally. With no internal support poles, they offer a completely uninterrupted space within. Because frame tents don’t require guys ropes, they have a smaller footprint than pole tents. Importantly, frame tents can also be used all year around.

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House Extension Marquees

House extension marquees are a specialty here at Lifestyle marquees marquee hire. House extensions marquees are created using a frame tent structure adapted to attach directly to buildings such as houses and barns. They use guttering systems to keep the rain out and they offer a seamless flow from house to additional marquee space.

A house extension marquee is a fabulous choice if you are hosting a party at home but don’t have quite enough space to fit all of your guests inside the house. House extension marquees are also often employed to create additional dancing, dining and entertaining space.

House extension marquees share all of the characteristics of the frame tent. Therefore, they can feature clear walls and roof sections, can be built onto solid, carpeted and even raised flooring. House extension marquees can be supplied with full heating, lighting and electrical systems in place – as with all marquees that we supply.

Pagoda Marquees

Pagoda marquees are sometimes referred to as Chinese hat marquees. They are a decorative marquee solution, perfect for garden parties or as an addition to a frame tent marquee set up. They can be used alone or in combination and are often used to create entrances, reception spaces, chill out zones, bar areas and breakout spaces.

Pagoda marquees fit perfectly with frame tent marquees. The peaked roof creates an attractive feature. A great choice for a party marquees in Surrey as there is often a lot of space.

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Clear Marquees

Turn your frame tent or extension marquee into a partially, or even completely clear marquee. Using a combination of glass doors, PVC panels and gable ends we can create semi or even totally transparent marquees! An increasingly popular marquee style – creating a real wow factor for parties and events.

Clear marquees are stunning and striking party venues. We recommend partially clear marquees for most occasions. Not only do they offer a varied look and feel within the marquee space, they also allow you to showcase things such as garden ornaments, trees or buildings outside the marquee.

A clear roof space, decorated with marquee sails or a beautiful floral display will blow your guests away. During the warmer months, a partially clear marquees won’t leave your guests feeling as though they are trapped in a greenhouse – a very important consideration, especially at the height of summer!

Both frame tents and house extension marquees can feature clear window walls and roof panels as well as glass doors.

Party Marquees: Complete Hire Service

We pride ourselves on making planning your marquee effortless, leaving you free to concentrate on enjoying your party with your guests. Our Complete Service offers a seamless end-to-end solution; from your marquee, flooring, linings, lighting, star cloth, tables, chairs, catering, DJ, music, heating, walkways, electricity generator and luxury loos, we will deliver a 5 star service that you can rely on. All you have to do is approve the plan and we’ll manage the rest. Find out more about party marquees in Surrey.

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Our 10 Point Guarantee

We offer a 10 point ‘Stress-Free’ marquee hire guarantee. Your party is important to you, so it’s important to us too. We’re confident that we’ll get every detail just right; but our guarantee offers that extra peace of mind that you won’t find on offer from any other local party marquee hire provider.

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Why not speak to a member of our team? We offer free, no obligation estimates, quotations and site visits. We are always happy to listen to your ideas, offer help, advice and guidance where required. We’ve been designing beautiful party marquees for our clients for over 40 years.

We take a consultative approach to marquee hire, meaning that we listen very carefully for our clients plans and ideas. We guide and advise, but never take over… This is why we have been Surrey and the South east’s number one party marquee hire in Surrey provider, with an unrivalled reputation for excellence and customer service since the early 1980’s. Call 01483 322070, or email enquiries@lifestylemarquees.co.uk to discuss your ideas with our friendly team.