Experts In Long Term Marquee Hire in West Sussex

Our services in Long Term Marquee Hire in West Sussex offer the perfect solution for diverse space requirements. Whether for gyms, sports clubs, educational institutions, retail outlets, eateries, or other establishments, our marquees cater to various needs.

Each marquee we provide is custom-made to precisely fit the demands of our clients. With flexible rental options extending from medium to long term, our marquees come with comprehensive amenities such as adjustable heating systems, sturdy flooring, options for glass or solid walls, secure doors, furnishings, IT infrastructure, networking provisions, and more, tailored to your preferences.

A Wide Variety Of Amazing Marquee Solutions

We’ve developed and constructed long-term marquee hire options for a diverse range of clients and purposes.

Each marquee undergoes meticulous design to optimise its functionality within its unique setting, ensuring it meets the specific requirements of the venue or establishment.

Our solutions have been employed to expand retail spaces, establish winter cafes, bars, and restaurant extensions. They’ve been customised for educational use as classrooms, dining areas, and pool enclosures, as well as for fitness facilities and changing rooms for sports clubs and racecourses.

Additionally, long-term marquee hire in West Sussex provides an excellent solution for fulfilling extended temporary storage needs.

Examples Of Solutions We’ve Previously Created

A long term marquee hire in West Sussex has proven beneficial for a wide range of temporary space requirements. Explore the following examples to discover recent instances where we’ve supplied such solutions:

  • Cafe extensions
  • Bar extensions
  • Restaurant spaces
  • Retail store extensions
  • School dining halls
  • Gyms
  • Changing room facilities
  • Swimming pool covers
  • Storage spaces
  • Demo rooms
  • Christmas and winter storage solutions
  • Christmas party marquees
  • Warehousing

Not On The List?

We tailor each marquee to match our clients’ individual needs precisely. If you have a vision for a space that isn’t listed, fret not! With over four decades of expertise in marquee design and construction, we’re recognized as the premier option for tackling demanding requirements, unconventional spaces, and projects in challenging terrains across the South East of England.

As technology and personal and business requirements progress, we evolve accordingly. Our dedication to innovation drives continuous research and development. Just get in touch, and we’ll diligently collaborate to identify the perfect solution customised to your specifications.

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What’s Included With Our Long Term Marquee Hire?

Each hire presents its own distinct requirements, which is why we customise every marquee we design and construct to suit the specific needs of each client.

The following list is not exhaustive; despite our over 40 years of experience in supplying marquees, we continuously seek new and innovative approaches to deliver the ideal marquees that fulfil our clients’ needs.

  • A wide variety of marquee types and styles to meet long and medium term hire needs.
  • Flooring: From simple coconut matting to raised and leveled wooden flooring with carpet

  • Power & lighting: Full electrical hook up or generator supply to meet your power and lighting requirements

  • Exterior lighting: Highlight exterior features or light up specific external spaces
  • Heating & cooling: A range of heating systems. Including thermostatically controlled, roof or floor vented solutions

  • Furniture: Sourced and supplied to meet your needs

  • Windows & doors: Locking glass windows and doors or clear PVC window walls, supplied as required
  • Catering areas designed and built to caterers specification

  • Toilets: Fully serviced luxury toilets built in, external or with covered walkways

  • Solid walled marquees: Ideal for storage and climate control
  • IT & networking infrastructure: Bespoke to your requirement
  • AV equipment: Sound systems, PA’s, TV screens, projectors and more

  • Bars: For the duration of your hire, or for shorter hire periods according to need
  • Theming, styling and decoration
  • Clear marquees: Completely clear, clear roofed of partially clear marquees available

Talk to us about the services and solutions that we can provide. We supply marquees for a wide variety of uses and scenarios, talk to a member of the team today to find out more: 01372 459 485,

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Marquee Heating & Cooling Solutions

Regardless of the time of year, we offer a variety of heating and temperature regulation systems customised to suit your preferences. From floor vented heating systems to roof-mounted solutions, we offer a range of thermostatically controlled heating options.

Our heating systems are adaptable, serving as fans for efficient air circulation during warmer seasons. Furthermore, we provide air conditioning units that seamlessly integrate into your marquee.

Whether you need to regulate humidity, warm or cool a large area, we have the capabilities to provide a solution. Our history includes creating solutions for clients where none existed previously; simply convey your needs, and we’ll handle the rest!

Visit our marquee heating page for more information.

Virtual Site Visits

We are pleased to be able to offer you access to our comprehensive virtual site visit service. This service enables us to engage in discussions regarding your needs, assess potential marquee locations, survey your chosen sites, and ultimately provide you with a detailed quotation and marquee plan for your review.

However, conducting our usual in-person site visits and surveys can sometimes pose challenges due to various factors. While we aim to visit your location in person, adherence to government guidance, advice, or restrictions may occasionally limit our ability to do so. Alternatively, you may opt for the safety of remote surveys, prioritising safety above all else. We recognize concerns about encountering multiple contractors during project consultations and fully respect your desire to minimise unnecessary risks.

Why not click here to visit our Virtual Site Visits webpage to find out more?

IT & Networking Solutions – A Complete Service

We offer both wired and wireless network solutions, catering to your specific needs. This includes extending existing networks for up to 3000 users within your long-term marquee hire. Alternatively, we can set up standalone temporary wired and wireless networks.

Our networks operate on 5G internet where accessible and 4G in areas where 5G isn’t accessible. Additionally, we provide options for private and guest networks, along with hourly reports for monitoring network usage as needed.

For our IT and networking infrastructure, we collaborate with specialist partners. However, the availability of this service is contingent upon a satisfactory site survey.

To learn more about the IT and power solutions we offer, please contact a member of our team.

Contact Us To Find Out More

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