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Our party marquees provide the perfect setting for any occasion, be it a significant birthday, anniversary, Christmas gathering, christening, housewarming, barmitzvah, retirement celebration, or corporate event. Whatever you’re celebrating, we offer tailored marquee solutions to suit your unique needs, transforming the space into an atmosphere that’s exciting, elegant, extravagant, or eclectic, according to your preferences.

What’s your theme?

Our planning team attentively listens to your vision and collaborates with you to design customised marquee plans and thematic options. With a diverse range of marquee styles available, including our highly adaptable frame tent marquees, we ensure unparalleled flexibility to craft the perfect party setting. Whether your preference leans towards a traditional tent adorned with a starlit ceiling or a contemporary clear-roofed marquee enhanced with dramatic lighting and effects, along with amenities like a dance floor, chill-out bar area, or dining space, we are dedicated to bringing your dream party venue to life.

What’s your theme?

  • Hollywood Nights – your very own Oscars
  • Titanic – an elegant nautical theme
  • Ibiza chic – crisp, modern, white with club tunes and chill out zone
  • Garden party – fresh, classical summer theme
  • Back to the 70’s – retro disco special
  • Christmas wonderland – cosy winter theme
  • Black Tie – sophistication and glamour in your own back garden
  • Great Gatsby – Glitz and glamour

Our Party Marquees In West Sussex

With expertise in crafting breathtaking party marquee venues, we provide an extensive selection of customisable marquees to suit your needs. Our offerings include frame tents, house extension marquees, traditional pole tents, pagodas, and clear marquee options, ensuring there’s something for every preference. You can download a free copy of our comprehensive ‘Marquee Hire Guide’ here and find out which type of marquee is most suited to you and your event. Alternatively, we’ve provide a brief guide to the different marquee types that we offer, below. Click on the links at the end of each section to discover more:

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Traditonal Pole Tents

Traditional pole tents exude charm, embodying the quintessential essence of a countryside fair marquee. Their relaxed, rustic ambiance provides an ideal backdrop for traditional gatherings or events. Particularly popular for party marquees in West Sussex, these tents offer a distinct contrast to the more formal frame tent style.

However, it’s important to note that traditional pole marquees are best suited for use between May and October due to their design. Anchored by guy ropes and tall central poles, they may not withstand high winds or wet wintry conditions.

Choosing a traditional pole marquee versus a frame tent often boils down to personal preference, as there isn’t a significant cost difference. Traditional pole marquees are especially appealing for those seeking a classic rustic wedding venue. The central support poles add character and serve as ideal points for floral decorations. These tents can be set up directly on grass or with coconut matting, offering flexibility in venue choice. Additionally, leaving the side walls and roof space unlined can result in cost savings compared to lined frame tent marquees, which are typically preferred for aesthetic reasons.

At our facility, we manufacture high-quality pole tent marquees using breathable canvas materials, making them resilient to humidity and ideal for summer events.

Frame Tents

Another term for the Frame tent marquee is ‘clearspan’. Clearspan means that there’s an uninterrupted space inside the marquee. Unlike traditional pole tents, there are no internal supporting poles within their structure. The term clearspan can sometimes lead to confusion as people assume that the term refers to clear marquee roofs and walls; if you are interested in clear marquees, see the clear marquees section, below.

Frame tents offer unparalleled customisation options, making them ideal for creating distinctive and personalised marquee party venues. With a sleek and modern aesthetic, they are versatile enough to be utilised throughout the year and are available in various sizes and configurations.

The versatility of frame tents is one of their key selling points, as they can effortlessly transition from rustic to contemporary settings. Their flexible layout options, both internally and externally, allow for a myriad of design possibilities. Additionally, the absence of internal support poles provides a seamless and uninterrupted interior space. Unlike pole tents, frame tents do not require guy ropes, resulting in a smaller footprint. Crucially, frame tents can be utilised year-round, offering adaptability for any season.

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House Extension Marquees

House extension marquees are a specialty here at Lifestyle marquees marquee hire. These marquees are crafted using a frame tent structure specifically designed to attach directly to buildings like houses and barns. Utilising guttering systems, they effectively keep rain at bay while seamlessly integrating additional space with your existing structure.

Opting for a house extension marquee is an excellent choice when hosting a home party but find yourself short on indoor space. These marquees serve various purposes, from providing extra room for dancing, dining, and entertainment.

Sharing the characteristics of frame tents, house extension marquees can feature clear walls and roof sections and can be customised with solid, carpeted, or raised flooring. Additionally, they can be equipped with heating, lighting, and electrical systems to ensure comfort and convenience, consistent with all our marquee offerings.

Pagoda Marquees

Pagoda marquees, also known as Chinese hat marquees, offer an ornamental and versatile marquee option ideal for garden parties or as an addition to a frame tent marquee arrangement. They can be utilised independently or in conjunction with other structures, commonly serving as entrances, reception areas, chill-out zones, bar spaces, or breakout zones.

These pagoda marquees seamlessly complement frame tent setups, with their peaked roofs adding an attractive architectural element. Their versatility makes them an excellent choice for party marquees in West Sussex, where ample space often allows for creative configurations.

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Clear Marquees

Transform your frame tent or extension marquee into a partially or fully transparent structure with our innovative combination of glass doors, PVC panels, and gable ends. This allows us to create semi or entirely see-through marquees, a trend gaining popularity for its awe-inspiring effect on parties and events.

Clear marquees serve as stunning and captivating party venues, with partially transparent options being particularly recommended for most occasions. Not only do they offer a diverse aesthetic within the marquee space, but they also provide the opportunity to showcase outdoor elements such as garden ornaments, trees, or buildings.

Enhance the ambiance further with a clear roof adorned with marquee sails or exquisite floral arrangements, sure to leave your guests amased. Even during warmer months, partially transparent marquees ensure your guests don’t feel confined, addressing concerns about feeling trapped in a greenhouse, especially in the peak of summer.

Both frame tents and house extension marquees can be equipped with clear window walls, roof panels, and glass doors, offering versatility in design and functionality.

Party Marquees: Complete Hire Service

We take pride in ensuring that planning your marquee is hassle-free, allowing you to focus on enjoying your party alongside your guests. With our Complete Service, we provide a seamless end-to-end solution covering everything from your marquee, flooring, linings, lighting, star cloth, tables, chairs, catering, DJ, music, heating, walkways, electricity generator, to luxury loos. Our commitment to delivering a 5-star service you can depend on means all you need to do is approve the plan, and we’ll take care of the rest. Discover more about party marquees in West Sussex today.

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Our 10 Point Guarantee

We offer a 10 point ‘Stress-Free’ marquee hire guarantee. Your party is important to you, so it’s important to us too. We’re confident that we’ll get every detail just right; but our guarantee offers that extra peace of mind that you won’t find on offer from any other local party marquee hire provider.

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We take a consultative approach to marquee hire, meaning that we listen very carefully for our clients plans and ideas. We guide and advise, but never take over… This is why we have been West Sussex’s and the South east’s number one provider in party marquee hire in West Sussex, with an unrivalled reputation for excellence and customer service since the early 1980’s. Call 01483 322070, or email enquiries@lifestylemarquees.co.uk to discuss your ideas with our friendly team.