Traditional Pole Marquees: Created by us

Uniquely, our skilled team manufacture all of our traditional canvas pole marquees in-house.

Traditional pole marquees: Key points

  • Traditional, festival/fayre style marquees
  • Creates a charming, simple, rustic look and feel
  • Can be used without internal lining
  • Breathable canvas material
  • Features tall, wooden central support poles
  • Require connecting awnings when attaching to other marquee structures
  • Lower wall height than frame tent marquees
  • Larger footprint than frame tents due to guy ropes
  • Should not be used during the winter months for safety reasons

Fashionable, rustic charm

Traditional pole marquees feature wooden interior poles, elegant high peaked roofs and external guy ropes. They offer a beautiful, traditional ‘Country Fayre’ look and feel. Line, wrap or dress the internal poles with floral arrangements to create an lovely internal feature unique to your event.

Traditional pole tents have recently seen a resurgence in popularity. They are beautiful in a country setting and can be lined or unlined, adding to the rustic, shabby chic look and feel. Canvas marquees are breathable and therefore ideal during the summer months. Perfect for parties, weddings and events.

Flexible, adaptable, beautiful

We can supply our marquees with either matted flooring or boarded flooring with carpet; they can be lined or unlined and decorated or themed to your individual vision.

Secured in place by guy ropes, traditional pole tents need to be situated on a grassed area. If your marquee will be on hard-standing, such as a tennis court or car park, you’ll require a frame tent. Speak to our team to discuss the various marquee options that we are able to offer.

Lifestyle marquees complete service

Our Complete Service offers a seamless end-to-end solution; from flooring, linings, lighting, star cloth, tables, chairs, catering, flowers, DJ, music, heating, walkways, to electricity generators and luxury toilets; we will deliver a 5 star service that you can rely on. Speak to us about our consultative service and no obligation quotations.
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Beware traditional pole marquees are seasonal

As traditional pole tents are secured using guy ropes and tall central poles they’re not ideal for use in high winds. Combine winds with the rain soaked ground into which the supporting guy ropes are affixed and you could have a recipe for disaster.

For these reasons we do not recommend using traditional pole tents during the winter months (generally between October and May).

Frame tent marquees are always a fantastic alternative for events held during the cooler, wetter months. Click here to find out more.

What other marquees do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of different marquee types for hire. Each marquee that we build has been custom tailored to meet our clients needs. Each different style of marquee has a unique personality. You can find out more about the different types of marquee by clicking here.

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