That’s why we’ve introduced our Virtual Site Visit Service!

A virtual site visit is very much like a traditional site visit. The difference being that a site visit is usually conducted with one of our representatives visiting you in person, at your home or chosen venue. A traditional site visit consists of several elements – each of which can be replicated and carried out virtually. These include a friendly, informal, but in depth face to face consultation and a multi-faceted survey of the potential marquee site.

Face to face consultation

We usually conduct our virtual face to face consultations via online tools such as Skype, Zoom, Facetime or WhatsApp. These informal conversations are fun. They are designed to help us get to know you, your personality and a flavour for your event too.

During the consultation we listen very carefully to all of your plans and ideas for your event. Only once we understand your vision do we start asking questions, making suggestions or offering ideas in order to help you shape your event.

During the call we’ll be able to share images and videos with you. This could be via apps such as Instagram, on our web galleries or even by email. We’d also encourage you to share any images that you’ve found and feel will give us a good idea of how you’d like your event to look.

Virtual surveys

There are various elements to our virtual surveys.

virtual site visitsWe can use Google Earth to see a satellite view of your marquee site. This helps us to plan elements such as access routes, distances  for our installations team to carry equipment, places to park vehicles, ideal placements for portable toilets, caterers facilities and so on. It also helps us plot your potential marquee on a to scale birds eye view drawing.

We’d also like to take a look at your potential marquee sites from ground level. We can do this via the same online video call tool that we will haveused for our face to face consultation. This way, if we need to, we can ask you to show us particular areas in greater detail. Alternatively, or additionally, you could take a video recording of the site and send it to us. At this stage we’ll discuss and look at access to an electrical power supply, a water supply, heaters and power generators – if required.

We may need some additional information. If so we might ask you to take measurements or to send us photographs of specific areas or garden features.

How does the virtual site visit help?

Once we have a good understanding of what you want from your event and the marquee location we’ll be able to offer advice and guidance to help you create your perfect event. We’ll be able to offer help and advice on the flow of your event, from the moment guests arrive to the time that they leave. We will help you consider where guests will park their cars, the walk to the marquee, the position of the sun during reception drinks, where and when the sun will set, the view from the marquee and much much more.

Virtual site visitsMuch of this will happen during the free flowing face to face consultation. Our virtual (and traditional) site visits are quite organic and tend to find their own direction.

Where possible, we’ll share sketches and other visuals with you during the call, meaning that by the end of the site visit you’ll be able to fully visualise your marquee layout. As soon as the call has ended we’ll get to work on formalising everything that we’ve discussed.

We’ll create a birds eye view plan of your potential marquee and we’ll build a fully itemised quotation for you to review. We’ll send these both to you by email and we’ll be available to talk through and explain any of the details if required. If needed we can also apply revisions to the quote and plan.

Once you’re happy with your quote and plan we’ll be ready to confirm your booking. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Why not pick up the telephone and have a nice, no obligation chat with a member of our team? Contact us 01372 459 485 or click on the button below:

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