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Company Christmas party

There are lots of great reasons to hold your company Christmas party in a marquee. A marquee may not immediately spring to mind when you think of winter party venues, after all, December can be cold, wet and windy. But once you know that a well designed and built marquee is more than a match for winter weather, it all starts to make a lot more sense…

Your company Christmas party venue: Bricks and mortar versus marquee

Company Christmas party planningA brick and mortar venue might be the obvious choice for your company Christmas party, but is it the right one? Firstly, you’ll need to source a venue that’s suitably located for all of your guests, regardless of where they are travelling from, or how they are travelling. The entertaining space will need to be large enough to host all of your guests, and the activities that you’ve got planned.

On top of that, the atmosphere will need to be right; does the venue fit in with the theme that you’ve got planned for your Christmas party?– a traditional party with Christmas garlands, wreaths and baubles will work beautifully in an elegant Georgian property, but what if you’re planning something a little more alternative, original or contemporary? Then, if you’ve ticked all of those boxes, you’ll need to check that it’s available for the evening of your event…

Venues often come with a list of what you can and cannot do. Start times, finish times, the types of entertainment allowed. Some venues insist that you use only suppliers that are on their approved list. With a marquee, the options are a lot more flexible, the choice is almost always yours. And a marquee is a blank canvas, bespoke designed to fit with your company and your vision for the perfect company Christmas party.

A marquee venue is a blank canvas 

company Christmas partyWe talk a lot about marquees as a blank canvas, but it’s something that we can’t emphasise enough. A marquee gives you the freedom to do whatever you want in terms of creating the environment and atmosphere you are after.

Hire a venue stylist and they’ll have a field day! A marquee can be transformed into just about anything. That Alpine chalet is easy to create. Want to create an ice grotto (minus the chill, obviously)? No problem! Planning a Dickensian-themed Christmas party? The interior of the marquee can be dressed and decorated so that your guests will feel as if they’re stepping back in time as soon as they enter the space.

Marquees at your premises

We regularly build marquees on company premises; a great option as the ground rent is free! You may not think that you have space for a marquee, but you might be surprised at just how little space is actually required. There are many options for siting a marquee. Grass is great, but hard standing space, such as a car park is a great option too.

If you’d love to host your company Christmas party in your office but fear that the space is too small, we can create an extension marquee. An extension marquee provides additional entertaining space whilst making use of that which you already have. The list of marquee site options may not be limitless, but it’s impressive – we’ve even built full size, party and event marquees inside warehouses…

And the extra bonus to hosting the event in a marquee at your premises? Everybody knows where it is and how to get there!

Marquees at venues

Company Christmas party planning Christmas marquee hireNot everyone wants to attend a company Christmas party at their office. Not every office site is suitable. Hired marquee space at local venues such as hotels and stately homes can be ideal. Not only do you get to build a bespoke marquee party space, but there’s likely to be plenty of accommodation on site for those who wish to stay over too. we regularly work at some wonderful venues, so please ask us if you’d like a recommendation.

Venues often want some say in factors such as guest numbers, start and finish times, suppliers such as caterers. In some cases they will insist on running the bar or may want to charge a corkage fee if you are supplying your own alcohol.This may apply if you’re hiring in an independent bar supplier too. Make sure that you check the terms and conditions before committing.

And now back to the weather!

An Lifestyle marquees marquee means that the weather is never a problem. Our marquees are designed and built to withstand high wind and heavy rain. Temperatures could plummet over the course of the evening, but your guests will have no idea. With boarded and carpeted flooring, discreet heating systems and lined walls, our marquees stay cosy and warm all evening long.

Depending upon where your marquee is located we can ensure your guests don’t need wellies to get to it. We can build a walkway, even a covered walkway if necessary. We’ll even create entrance and reception spaces, perfect for cloakrooms and coat storage. Plus, we can build the toilets into the marquee, or at very least, provide a covered walkway to them.

Discover your company Christmas party marquee

Why not consider transforming your office car park or grounds into a party venue! Give your staff a Christmas party to remember – call Lifestyle marquees on 01483 322070 or email and let’s start planning!