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Temporary storage marquees

Temporary storage: Seasonal events such as Christmas provide a huge opportunity for retailers, restaurateurs and caterers to boost sales figures by taking advantage of the related surge in consumer spending.

Quickly and easily extend your existing space or create an entirely new temporary storage marquee building on any available or unused space on your site to ensure you can take full advantage of seasonal opportunities.

Meet seasonal demands temporary storage solutions

Extra space long term hire marquee usesMany retail stores require extra storage space to allow them to cater for, and take advantage of, the rise in consumer spending at Christmas time.

Caterers and restaurants can benefit by creating additional refrigerated storage areas or cold rooms for all those extra seasonal foods. We can also create additional food preparation areas to help them cope with the increase in Christmas dinner covers too.

Our marquees are fire retardant and are rated to withstand wind gusts of up to 80mph. Perfect for creating additional, temporary storage space over the winter months.

Simple, cost effective temporary storage solutions

We create temporary storage solutions using our modular marquee systems. These can be fully insulated, steel framed structures with solid plastic sides and lockable doors, or simpler steel framed, PVC marquee solutions.

Our structures can be built and ready to use within a matter of days. They can be securely anchored onto hard or soft standings, or raised above ground level using a raised steel flooring system. No complicated or expensive foundations needed, making the construction process extremely fast and economical.

Warehouse IT systems

We can provide networks for wired and wireless access, extending existing networks for up to 3000 users into your long term or temporary storage marquee. Or alternatively, we can install standalone temporary wired and wireless networks for you to use.

We can also provide private and guest networks, as well as hourly reports -allowing for the monitoring of network usage. A perfect solution to temporary warehousing, allowing your teams to monitor and control stock from within your temporary storage marquee.

Please note: We always work with a specialist partner to deliver our IT & networking infrastructure, and availability of this service is subject to a satisfactory site survey. The networks run on 5G where available and 4G where 5G isn’t available.

Speak to us for further information on the IT and power solutions that we are able to offer.

Don’t limit your opportunities

We can provide temporary or permanent solutions that are tailored to meet your exact needs, so why limit yourself? Take advantage of seasonal opportunities. Save off site storage and transportation fees. And have a bespoke designed, on-site storage system built to your exact specification. Whatever your temporary storage requirements, we can help.

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