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Wedding traditions are changing. And why not? Post pandemic, and in the age of interactive events and social media everything from photography on Pinterest, to venues at imitation wedding open days, and a desire to spend more time with loved ones are inspiring Brides-To-Be to create their own unique wedding experience.

A First Look

Outdoor weddings wedding traditionsSeeing each other before walking down the aisle used to be considered unlucky, but not anymore. As well as providing a wonderful photo opportunity, the first look frees up time that could potentially be spent getting nervous.

Holding cocktail hours before the ceremony begins is a great way to incorporate this new tradition to your day. Along with the magical first look, you can spend precious time with family and friends before you tie the knot.

Wedding-day Activities

Making the most of the day and getting up early for pre-wedding activities has become somewhat of a tradition. Men, as you don’t have to worry about getting hair and make up done, how about an early morning round of golf or some brunch with your Groomsmen?

Brides are getting the day off to a good start by exercising before sunrise before heading off to spend some quality time with their bridesmaids before becoming a Mrs.

Weekday Weddings

If you are flexible with your dates then a mid week ceremony could be a great alternative to the traditional weekend wedding. If you haven’t got a particular date in mind then you don’t have to restrict yourself.

Why not start your celebrations on a Thursday with wine night? You then have the whole weekend afterwards to stretch out the celebrations, it won’t feel rushed and you can enjoy time with your loved ones.

The great news is that a weekday wedding is likely to offer up more options when it comes to venues and suppliers such as caterers and entertainers too. Great suppliers tend to get booked up well in advance, but they are likely to have more flexibility mid week.

Destination Weddings

Not just abroad, but within the UK too. Pick your favourite destination. This may be a place where you and your spouse-to-be made some unforgettable memories, or you might have family members in a picturesque area you hadn’t previously considered.

Why not combine travelling, your favourite places and visiting family with your wedding day? Or perhaps even an extended stay with loved ones in a special location…

Extended Weddings

So much emphasis is put on the ‘Big day’ and yet for many it’s all over in a flash. Ask any couple how their wedding day was and you’ll likely hear that it’s a bit of a blur! A whirlwind of activity, drifting from one set of well-wishers to the next.

Extended weddings are growing in popularity. Increasingly, couples are choosing to invite their nearest and dearest to join them for a few extra days, both pre and post ceremony. Hiring something such as a holiday cottage in a picturesque setting and spending quality time with their most important people takes a lot of pressure off of the day itself.

Although the day of the wedding may still be a blur, the extended time helps slow the pace, create extra memories and allows couples to spend some invaluable quality time with those that mean most to them in the world.

Unique Venues

Rather than the traditional church – barns, converted warehouses, family estates, marquees and mansions are becomingly increasingly popular as the go-to venues for a quirky wedding reception, and even ceremony.

The beauty of using a unique venue is that you have more freedom to make it your own, do something different and bring out your personality. Pitch a marquee in the grounds of an estate or extend an outbuilding for flexibility with your guest count. You will also be adding more space for drinks and dancing! Read more here about wedding marquees:

Wedding Traditions: Get a marquee hire estimate

Okay, so it’s not really on our list of wedding traditions. But we think that getting a quote for a marquee wedding venue could be a game changer for couples looking to create something truly unique for their big day.

Marquees are designed bespoke for every client and are built to make the most of their surroundings too. Find out the cost of putting up a unique wedding marquee in a special space that’s personal to you. Your family home perhaps?

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