Welcome to the first in our series of marquee theming blogs. At Lifestyle marquees we work with some very talented event planning companies, so we thought we’d take a look at what some of these clever people have been getting up to under the canvas…

At the risk of repeating ourselves (which, of course we are!), marquees provide so much flexibility and freedom when it comes to theming a party or event. Where formal venues will have rules and restrictions about what can be hung where, when it comes to a marquee there is no rule book.

This week, we’re with Oasis Events Events Director, Dany Fremantle. We knew that Oasis Events had been asked to design a rather unusual theme for one particular party and were intrigued to find out more.

Marquee themingA marquee birthday party like no other

The party in question was a 21st birthday celebration for 200 guests – so far so good. The eyebrow-raising element, however, was that the party was to be designed around a biblical theme. Dany explains: “We were surprised at first, but it turned out that the young man was a Theology student who wanted to reflect that aspect of his life in the theming. It was definitely a new one on us, but we love a challenge and were delighted to have the opportunity to create a quite unique marquee interior.

Marquee theming“We ended up with a marquee of two halves. When guests arrived they were restricted to the dining area. We kept it sparse and simple to create our version of the Last Supper. The interior of the marquee was lined with cream-coloured linen, with swathes of fabric hung from the roof. We sourced long wooden tables, benches and chairs, wooden plates and goblets. Potted trees added splashes of greenery and linked the inside of the marquee with the beautiful garden in which it was set.

Marquee theming that delivers the wow factor

“Once the meal was over the reveal curtain was lifted to give access to the rest of the marquee where a DJ and dancefloor awaited. This area was designed to resemble an abandonedOasis events themed marquee church. Guests definitely experienced the wow factor when they saw the fantastic, huge illuminated window at the gable end. This was a bespoke element designed and built for the occasion; it created a focal point and immediately established the theme. Foliage and moss decorations gave the suggestion that nature had begun to invade the space. It was atmospheric and, filled with guests who had totally embraced the idea of dressing up for the occasion. One of the wackiest parties we’ve ever been involved in! I think we can safely say that it could only have happened so successfully in a marquee.”

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