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Experiencing grief

Experiencing griefLosing a loved one is never easy and dealing with the multitude of associated administrative tasks whilst planning a funeral or wake can be challenging and emotionally taxing. There are so many arrangements to make and so many different things to organise; it can be overwhelming.

Although some may welcome the distraction, most people don’t feel up to be dealing with complicated logistical tasks and arrangements at such a difficult time. Whichever category you fall into, a couple of things are certain; that you’ll want to ensure that your loved one is given the send-off that they deserve and that you’ll need plenty of support – in a variety of different ways – as you do so.

Reaching out

When experiencing grief we still have to deal with the day-to-day normalities, functions and social interactions that remain a part of our lives – it can be difficult to find a balance. Although it is important to reach out to family and friends, many people worry about burdening their nearest and dearest with their need for emotional support and are afraid to ‘impose’ by asking for help in making arrangements.

The reality is that your loved ones are probably feeling the same way – afraid to impose at such a difficult time – yet are ready, willing and keen to lend their support emotionally and by helping you with administrative tasks and arrangement making.

Support whilst experiencing grief

The grief process is complicated and can be difficult to understand. As a marquee supplier it’s not our place to try to unravel and explain the complexities of grief management, but if you are experiencing grief, there are some excellent support services available online, over the telephone or in person.

The NHS offer advice, guidance and links to additional resources to help people experiencing grief find the support that they need. Please visit the NHS ‘Grief after bereavement or loss’ webpage by clicking here.

Likewise, Cruse Bereavement Care are a leading national charity offering support to bereaved people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Visit the Cruse Bereavement Care website where you will find helpful and informative articles that discuss grief from a wide variety of different angles, looking at subjects such as ‘How long does grief last?’ and ‘Is this normal?’ where the variety of feelings and emotions that surround the grieving process are discussed and explained.  The charity offers bereavement counselling support, available in a variety of different formats; over the telephone, online or with individual bereavement support sessions. Please follow this link to find out more. Or call the Cruse bereavement helpline: 0808 808 1677

Support and services: Whiteballoon

We recently joined Whiteballoon, an online funeral planning and information resource hub dedicated to helping people find every element of support that they might need following the death of a loved one.

Whiteballoon offer advice and links to bereavement support services and resources, planning tools, guides and checklists, inspiration for poems, prayers and readings, memorials, floristry and more.

Additionally, Whiteballoon offer a service providers directory with links to local and national companies providing support services related to funerals and wakes; from florists to caterers, funeral directors, celebrants and – of course – marquee suppliers.

How can Lifestyle marquees help?

We have lots of experience in organising marquees for funerals and wakes and we understand just how important these occasions are. We offer a complete, discreet service designed to take the stress out of marquee hire for funerals and wakes and pride ourselves on delivering respectful, high levels of customer service from the first phone call onward.

Please visit our webpage, call us on 01483 322070 or email to find out more.