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marquee extension

If you’re looking to create some extra entertaining space at home then why not consider a marquee extension? Perfect for parties and large gatherings at home; a marquee extension offers extra entertaining space whilst allowing you to still host your guests in your own house.

The benefits of a marquee extension

Standalone garden marquees are fantastic, versatile and wonderful things… we’re biased of course, but we do love a well designed and beautifully crafted marquee! However, we recognise that there are times when a large marquee in the garden isn’t the ideal solution.

Whether you simply want to use your home to entertain but need a little more space; don’t have the space in the garden for a freestanding marquee, or would just like to add some wow factor to your house party; a marquee extension could be the solution that you are looking for.

A seamless extension from your own home

Marquee extensionA marquee extension can be created from any ground floor room at your home. All that you need is a doorway – preferably patio or bi-fold doors – and we can create an exciting new room for you and your guests to enjoy.

We can use carpeted and boarded, or raised boarded flooring to create as seamless a flow as possible from the house into the marquee extension. We’ll even attach the marquee directly to your house, checking the most suitable method with you beforehand, to keep drafts to a minimum, and we’ll use a guttering system to ensure that, in the case of rainfall, nothing seeps in between the house and the marquee.

Heating, lighting, electrics, sound systems, furniture and more!

Marquee extensions have a wide variety of uses. Whatever you are looking to do with yours, we can help make it the perfect space.


Marquee heating systems come in a variety of guises. As standard, we use a floor vented heating system that seamlessly integrates into your marquee. Our heating systems can be thermostatically controlled (from within the marquee), can be ceiling vented, timer controlled and can even be used as fans, to keep the air circulating on warmer days.

House extension Winter marquees house extension marquees wedding marquees marquee extensionLighting and electrics

We work with professional electricians and lighting specialists when installing lighting and electrical systems into our marquees.

Whether you are looking for an atmospheric, mood setting lighting scheme, something simple yet sublime, some basic lighting or anything in between, we can help. Find out more here.

Sound systems and PA’s

We can supply full, large scale sound systems, we can even integrate them with your lighting scheme so that the two work in conjunction! But in most scenarios we know that something simple, easy to operate and – most importantly – that just works, is all you’ll need.

Whether you want to simply plug your phone or another device in and run your own playlists, have a microphone for speeches, or set up a sound desk, DJ, band or something else, we can help. We can even integrate projectors and TV screens if you need them.

Furniture, bars and dancefloors

bar, marquee extensionWe offer an all in one marquee solution to our clients. We’ll source any furniture that you need, bars, dancefloors and more, so that you don’t have to.

We can show you the huge variety of options that we have available, but if there’s something specific that you have in mind, we will try to source that too.

Organising any event is hard work, but we do it week in and week out. Let us take the stress out of the logistical elements for you. We hold a limited stock of our own tables, chairs, dancefloors and theming items, but we also work with some incredible suppliers too. Whatever you are looking for, we’ll work hard to get it just right.

Looking for some extra entertaining space at home?

Why not have a chat with us? We can talk through the options, offer ballpark estimates over the telephone and can work with you to create something suitable to meet your budget. If you’re inspired by your conversation with us then we’ll come to your house to talk things over in more depth, survey the space and then produce an obligation free quote and floor plan.

Contact us on 01375 459485 or email to find out more.