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Integrated technology solutions for marquees have come on leaps and bounds in recent times. These days, a temporary space created using a marquee is a truly viable and flexible solution.

There are lots of reasons for needing additional space. You could be looking for a simple storage solution or you could be looking to create high tech classroom, gym or training facilities. The options are almost limitless and the good news is that marquees are now available for hire with technology solutions and integrations that range from the simple to the sublime to support your needs.

Below, we offer a quick overview of some of the technology that we are able to integrate with our marquees.

IT and Networking Solutions

Whether you are setting up a temporary warehouse, storage facility, office, demo room or classroom, some form of IT and networking solution is likely to be a requirement and one of your major concerns.

Perhaps you need to monitor the flow of stock in and out of your space, measure temperatures, run banks of computers or manage automated systems for your facility. The great news is that we’re able to offer a variety of IT and networking solutions that will help you to achieve your goals.

We’re able to supply networks for wired and/or wireless access. We can extend existing networks for up to three thousand users into your long term marquee hire. If it isn’t possible or feasible for your existing networks to be extended, then we can install standalone temporary wired and wireless networks to do the job instead.

The networks would ideally run on a 5G internet supply , however, if 5G isn’t available we can use a 4G supply instead. We’re also able to provide private and guest networks, as well as hourly reports that allow the monitoring of network usage.

Availability of networking and IT infrastructure is dependant upon a satisfactory site survey by our specialist partner IT & infrastructure partner. Following the site survey we’ll be able to offer full advice and guidance on the what is available and the most suitable solutions for your needs.

Heating & Cooling Solutions

Do you need to heat a dining or entertaining space? Monitor temperatures in your temporary warehouse? Heat or cool sports facilities, classrooms or any other temporary marquee space? Whether you’re looking to manage humidity, warm or cool a large space, we will be able to offer a solution.

From floor vented heating systems to roof mounted solutions, we offer a choice of thermostatically and/or timer controlled options. It is even possible to source air conditioning units for use in your marquee if required.

For some situations the temperature control requirements will be complex, in other one of our simpler solutions will suffice. If you aren’t in need of a comprehensive installation then our standard heating systems should suffice. It’s worth noting that our standard heaters can also be used as fans, offering a cooling breeze and air movement during warmer months.

Power and Lighting

Power and lighting are both essential elements for successful marquee set ups. We offer a huge number of solutions for both. From the simple to the sublime we have the solutions to your marquee lighting needs.


Lighting is a crucial element in temporary buildings; it affects useability, creates atmosphere and improves security. Whatever your installation, it is important to consider lighting requirements both inside and out.

The individual lighting set up for your marquee space will depend upon your unique requirements. For social and entertaining spaces we can create a variety of elegant and contemporary lighting schemes. For more functional facilities such as storage and warehousing units we can ensure that the lighting is fit for purpose, ensuring that staff can operate safely and efficiently.

Whatever your reason for hiring a marquee to create temporary space, we will be able to design and deliver a lighting scheme that is tailored to your needs.


We can provide power solutions to match your specific requirements. From sockets, to complex electrical set-ups, we have a variety of solutions available to ensure your needs are met.

ECA Qualified Electricians

We employ only ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) qualified, professionals for our marquee power and lighting installations. Our lighting and power specialists are involved at the design, planning and installation phases and will be on 24 hour standby for the duration of your hire.

Audio Visual Services

We can source, supply and integrate all of the audio-visual elements needed for your marquee space. From PA systems to large screen displays, complex lighting set ups and more. Our audio-visual systems range from the simple to the sublime, we have a huge variety of options to choose from.

Searching for technology solutions for marquees?

Please speak to a member of our team. We can help you to find solutions for even the most complex and challenging set ups. Whether you are looking for simple, complex solutions, cost effective or no expense spared systems – we can help.

Don’t worry if we haven’t discussed the type of solutions that you are looking for in the above blog. We’re innovators and problem solvers; we’ve made it our business to find solutions for marquee based challenges in over forty plus years in business!

In recent years we’ve developed solutions or have partnered with trusted suppliers that help us provide our clients with the technology solutions for marquees that they need in order to achieve their business or personal goals and requirements.

Call 01483 322070 or email sales@Lifestyle marquees to discover more.