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Long term marquee

Long term marquee hire. There are many reasons for hiring a marquee on a medium to long term basis. Many of our long term marquee hires are due to seasonal requirements, building work or refurbishments. Retail and hospitality outlets often use our marquees to take advantage of increased footfall during times of high demand, maximising sales opportunities and increasing annual profits.

Are you in need of some additional space? A temporary structure could be just what you’re looking for! There are lots of reasons for hiring a marquee on a long term basis, find out more about some of these, below:

Sports facilities: Gyms, changing rooms and all-weather spaces

Long term marquee hireAre there times when you struggle with available space and capacity at your facility? Adverse weather can mean that training grounds become unsuitable or even unusable at certain times of the year. Special events or projects can create a need for additional space. Additionally, refurbishments and building projects can render spaces temporarily unavailable.

We provide marquee solutions for just about any scenario that you can imagine. From high-tech gymnasiums to covered tennis courts, changing rooms, dining halls and swimming pool covers.

We’ve provided a variety of long term marquee solutions to sporting venues such as premiership football teams, sports clubs, schools and top tier horse racing facilities.

Retail marquees: Maximise sales at key trading times

Whether you run a retail outlet such as a shop, garden centre, supermarket, café or restaurant, trade ebbs and flows across the year. Key trading times such as Christmas, for example, see footfall and customer demand increase yet the physical capacity of your establishment remains the same.

Retail marqueeCould a temporary solution such as a marquee be the answer?

Our marquees are bespoke designed to fit into your unique space. We are able to attach to and extend from the front, rear or sides of existing premises. Alternatively, stand alone units are a good solution where extension isn’t viable. Our long term hire marquees can be provided with solid sides and lockable UPVC and glass doors and windows for extra security. Our marquees can be heated or cooled and we can provide electrics, lighting, flooring and even IT and networking solutions if needed.

Now that you’ve taken care of all of those extra customers, where are you going to put all of that extra stock? Why not take a look at our storage marquee solutions section later in this blog?

Find out how we helped RHS Wisley Gardens extend the retail space at their gift shop with a long term hire marquee

Extended dining space: Restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs

The hospitality industry is subject to a wide fluctuation in levels of demand at different times of year. Christmas, New Years Eve and Easter being prime examples. Additionally, the ability to offer customers a great outdoor space to enjoy during the spring and summer months can be vital for profitability; unfortunately, the UK weather doesn’t always want to play along!

Maximising opportunities at key times of the year can be crucial to commercial success. We’ve helped private clubs, restaurants, cafes, bars and other venues create additional, covered dining and entertaining spaces at times of year where increase in demand has been greater than available space.

Building and construction: All weather cover, demo suites and more

Demo and meeting spaces

Demo Suite Marquee Construction sites can be busy, dusty and dangerous places. Whilst many are comfortable in such environments, some management teams and delegates visiting for progress updates or to see examples of the solutions being created can struggle to visualise projects or even to operate comfortably in such unfamiliar surrounds.

We’ve created marquee-based demo suites and meeting spaces within client sites; allowing our clients to offer safe, clean and effective solutions for visitors to use. Discover how we helped one construction company deliver a high end, marquee based demo suite for their client.

All year around weather cover

UK weather systems are unpredictable all year around. In the past we have found ourselves building marquees in torrential rainstorms – even during summer months! If you have a project that is dependant upon stable conditions contact us to discuss the numerous solutions that we can offer.

Storage of equipment

Do you need a place to store building equipment, materials or furniture during a renovation, extension or building project? We offer secure lockable marquees on a long term marquee hire basis for this exact purpose. Find out more, we discuss storage marquees in greater depth later in this blog.

Temporary venues and pop-up spaces

Do you offer a beautiful wedding or party venue but occasionally lose business because client’s guest numbers outstrip capacity within your premises? Or perhaps you hire out a space that doesn’t offer a permanent structure on site?

The costs of hiring a marquee on top of venue hire fees could prove too expensive for some potential clients. A marquee hired on a long- or medium-term basis only needs to be built and de-rigged once, yet it can be used for multiple events.

By adding a long-term hire marquee to your offering you can mitigate many of the costs associated with building and taking down a marquee for your client. This means that you’ll be able to pass on just a small percentage of the long term marquee hire cost to each client, making marquee based weddings and parties at your venue a very viable option.

Storage marquees

When you need additional space it can be difficult to find! Storage marquee come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are fit for a variety of different purposes.

Seasonal storage:

Extra space storageSeasonal requirements can put a lot of pressure on businesses. Space is often required for storing stock at times when the opportunity to maximise profits is at its highest. A lack of storage space could lead to lost sales.

Our seasonal storage marquees can be built with solid sides and lockable UPVC doors. We can add lighting, heating and cooling solutions too.

General storage:

Storing building materials or furniture during a refurbishment or sports equipment over winter? A temporary storage marquee hired on a long term basis could be the answer for you.

We can add solid sides as well as locking doors and windows, electrics, lighting, heating and cooling solutions.


With solid sides, locking doors and windows, our long term marquee hire option makes a great warehousing solution. We can add electrics, lighting, heating, cooling and even an IT and networking infrastructure that will make inventory and stock management as simple as it would be in a permanent warehouse set up.

Regular checks and maintenance

We can arrange for regular checks to be carried out on your long term marquee hire. We’ll carry out any maintenance required, and will ensure that the structure is in good condition and functioning as expected.

Our marquees are fully viable during the winter months and are rated to withstand gusts of wind up to 80mph.

Heating, cooling and climate control

We offer a wide variety of heating and cooling solutions for our long term marquee hires. Our systems can be thermostatically and/or timer controlled. They can be discretely mounted and vented at floor level, or roof mounted.

The choice of system is very much dependent upon each individual situation, environment and requirement.

IT and networking

We can provide networks for wired and wireless access using both wired and wireless connections. Working with a dedicated, specialist partner, we are able to extend existing networks for up to 3000 users into your long term marquee hire structure. As an alternative, we are able to install standalone temporary wired and wireless networks.

Every situation is different and the solution that we are able to offer will be dependent upon the results of a site survey carried out by our IT specialist partner.

Interested in Long Term Marquee Hire?

Whether it’s something that we’ve discussed above, or not, we are likely to have a versatile, long term marquee hire solution that meets your needs. Why not give us a call on 01483 322070? Alternatively, email about your project and we’ll arrange a time to speak to you at your convenience.

Long term marquee hire has become an Lifestyle marquees specialty. We apply the same exacting standards to our commercial and long term hires as we do to all of our private, luxury event hires. All of our work is guaranteed; click here to find out more about our 10 point, STRESS FREE marquee hire guarantee.