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Tennis court marquee

Tennis court marquees. We’re serving up an ace of a blog. Grab some strawberries and cream, put your feet up and let us take centre court.

You may not have realised it but if you have a tennis court in your garden you already have a tailor made space that’s perfect for housing a marquee.

Despite the fact that we regularly build marquees on tennis courts they are often overlooked as a potential marquee location, yet the space is idea; flat, level and  large enough to house a marquee that can hold up to 250 guests for formal dining and dancing with space for a catering area within too.

What about the fence around the court?

Marquee on Tennis CourtThere are solutions for everything. We’d normally suggest that you have the tensioned wire fence temporarily removed, but the upright fence posts can still remain in place and we’ll find a way to work around them.

The uprights themselves can become a feature; dress them with flowers, bunting or festoon lighting – as shown in the image to the right – and they can add a unique flavour to your marquee event.

To secure your marquee to the ground we’ll either use weights or guy ropes, whichever your site best lends itself to.  If it’s a grass court then we can use stakes to hold the marquee in situ as we would on any other grassed site.

What else should you consider?

Tennis court marqueeIf we’re building your marquee on a hard tennis court then you’ll need to have a boarded wooden floor with carpet over the top. You’ll need to make sure that your court is in good condition and that it is suitable for bearing the weight of a marquee – your maintenance company or the court manufacturer should be able to advise you. We’ll do everything that we can to protect the court under the marquee, including putting a layer of carpeting down before laying the boarded flooring.

You should also check the affect that a hot summers day might have on the court, if the surface is softened by the heat will the marquee damage the court?

Most courts are perfectly suitable for hosting a marquee, but it’s always worth making certain before committing to using the space.

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