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Where can I put a marquee marquee quotes

If you’re planning a marquee event but have found yourself asking ‘ Where can I put a marquee? ’ then read on, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we highlight:

Marquees are extremely flexible and adaptable, but there are lots of factors to consider when searching for the perfect venue for your event. Whether you are planning to hold an event at home or are searching for a venue to host your marquee, we think that you’ll find our top tips on choosing the perfect location invaluable.

Where can I put a marquee?

In the simplest terms, you can either put a marquee on private land owned by you, your family, or friends. Or, alternatively, you can hire a marquee friendly venue.

But before you choose, there are lots of different factors to consider…

General considerations for all potential locations

The type of event

Will there be lots of activities and will they all take place within the marquee, or will you need some outdoor space too? For example, reception drinks on the lawn are very popular at weddings and at parties too. Make sure that the space you settle upon allows for all of the activities that you’d like to include.

Marquee size

The size of your marquee will depend upon the number of guests attending. Other factors affecting marquee size include whether guests will be dining, dancing or doing both, whether there will be a bar, a band or a DJ booth. Will you need a caterer’s area? Toilets?

Noise and disruption

Is there ample parking for all of your guests? How close are you to neighbours? Can your marquee builders and other event suppliers easily access the marquee site? Are you planning on having loud music or announcements via a PA system? Will the event be held during the day, the evening or going on late into the night?

Access to services

Will there be an electrical supply nearby? How about running water? If you are planning on having lighting, music, catering and so on, you’ll need a power supply. Generators can be used, but if you have access to power close to the marquee build site it then utilising that would be ideal and cost effective too.

Use of private spaces: Factors to consider

Post lockdown party ideas, Where can I put a marqueeIf you have the space, then you might like to hold your marquee event at home; alternatively, at the home of a family member or a close friend.

Holding your event at home means saving money on venue hire costs, and that is always good news. What’s more, a marquee at home gives you the opportunity to showcase your beautiful home to your family and friends.

However, if you are considering holding your event in a private space then you might want to consider the following factors:

Is the available space large enough?

You might be surprised… At first glance you might not think that your garden is large enough for a marquee. Think again! Marquees are adaptable, modular structures and they can be tailored to fit into all kinds of spaces. We’ve worked in mid terrace Edwardian homes in London as well as in sprawling country estates.

It will, of course, depend upon just how large a marquee you need. But it’s worth talking to marquee suppliers before writing a space off.

Have you overlooked the perfect marquee site?

Did you know that a tennis court makes a fantastic marquee site? The surface is flat, the space large enough to host up to 250 guests for formal dining and dancing – with caterer’s space too!

How about your swimming pool? If you are lucky enough to have one… It’s possible for a marquee to be built over a swimming pool using a rigid steel flooring system with boarded wooden flooring over the top.

Ponds, pergolas and other garden features can all be incorporated into your marquee. Don’t worry if your lawns are ornate – integrate them into the marquee design and you’ll have a stunning marquee venue that showcases your garden too.

Don’t write off sloping lawns and stepped terraces either. Depending upon the type of marquee that you prefer, it’s possible to build on sloping lawns and even over stepped terraces, patios and lawns.

We’ve even built a marquee over a lake. Don’t dismiss a potential marquee space until you’ve spoken to an experienced marquee supplier!

Access to the marquee

Consider access for marquee builders, other suppliers and guests. If access to your garden is only possible through the house, then you might want to have a rethink. We have often carried materials through people’s homes to build marquees. It’s possible, but not ideal.

Access for parking needs to be considered too. Perhaps your guests will arrive by taxi, but if not then consider whether enough parking spaces will be available, and how your neighbours might feel about the extra cars in the street.

Hired venues: Fields, woodlands and premium spaces

Where can I put a marqueeIf you don’t have access to a suitable private venue and still find yourself asking’ Where can I put a marquee?’ then why not consider hiring a space?

Hired marquee friendly venues come in all shapes and sizes. From simple fields, to sublime stately homes. The fancier the location, the higher the price tag, so don’t forget to factor venue hire costs into your budget too.

Every hired space offers different benefits and challenges. Weigh up the pros and cons carefully before signing on the dotted line…

Fields and woodland venues: Pros & cons


  • Noise and disruption: Your unlikely to have lots of neighbours to upset. Though that doesn’t mean that there won’t be rules and regulations attached. Check before signing up.
  • Parking: There’s probably going to be ample parking nearby. Make sure it’s suitable, but parking isn’t likely to be an issue.
  • Access: For suppliers and guests alike. Access to the marquee is likely to be easy. Beware of mud and uneven ground. Check out the cons section, below.
  • Costs: A simple field or woodland location is likely to be a cost-effective hire.
  • Aesthetics: If you love simplicity and nature, then this type of location could be for you.


  • Access to services: Is there an electrical supply? How about running water? You may need to factor in costs for generator hire etc. Some fields and woodland venues offer access, but it isn’t common.
  • Mud and uneven ground: It’s not always rainy and muddy in the UK – but it’s worth considering how your guests will access the marquee if the weather isn’t on your side. Factor in contingency costs for boarded or covered walkways, especially if the ground is prone to water logging or if it is uneven.
  • Remote locations and transport links: The more remote the location, the less likely it’ll be close to transport links. Will cab drivers know how to find the venue? Make sure that you give guests clear instruction for finding you.

Stately homes, hotels and other premium venues: Pros & cons

A premium venue is going to come with a premium price tag. You’re hiring a manicured space and a beautiful backdrop for your marquee event. So what are the pros and cons?


  • Where can I put a marqueeAesthetics: Tree lined driveways, manicured lawns, beautiful outdoor lighting schemes, a stately home as the backdrop to your marquee event. What more could you ask for?
  • Access: Is likely to have been well thought out. Though there may be limitations for your marquee builders and other suppliers, see the cons section.
  • Parking: is likely to be ample, clean and well signposted.
  • Transport links: The venue is likely to be well known and close to transport links.


  • Costs: Premium venues come with premium price tags, so keep an eye on your budget.
  • Supplier options and hidden costs: Many premium venues have links with caterers and bar suppliers and will only allow you to choose those that are on their preferred suppliers lists. Some venues will charge corkage fees if you source alcohol or bar services for yourself. This isn’t always the case, but it’s worth clarifying up front.
  • Other limitations: A premium venue is likely to have strict rules and regulations around noise. They will need to consider the effect of noise and traffic on local residents too. Hotels will need to ensure that your event doesn’t disturb its paying guests. There’s a good chance that there will be strict cut off times for music and, not long after that, for your event too.
  • Access for suppliers: Certain premium venues don’t want or can’t have traffic movement on site at certain times of the day. There may be some strict rules in place relating to access. Marquee build days may be strictly controlled. This can be difficult for suppliers and it could mean that there are extra costs to ensure that, taking these factors into consideration, the marquee build is completed in time for your event.
  • Mud: The lawns are likely to be well maintained, but nobody can control the weather and it would be worth considering putting contingency plans in place. Think about adding a boarded, or coconut matting walkway that leads to and from the marquee.
  • Access to services: Much like simple field and woodland venues, there may be access to electrical and water suppliers, but it’s not guaranteed and is worth checking up front.

Where can I put a marquee? Ask us!

We’ve been designing and building marquees for over 40 years. We have lots of experience at private locations and hired venues too. We’ll discuss your ideas with you and advise on the perfect space for your marquee – whether at home or in a hired space.

We offer free, no obligation site visits, estimates and quotations. Speak to a member of our team today on 01483 322070 or email