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Marquee on uneven ground

Yes, you can put a marquee on uneven ground … In fact, there’s a good chance that you’ll be surprised by the variety of potential marquee sites that are commonly overlooked.

Take a look at our rundown of surprisingly suitable (often desirable) potential marquee sites; starting with, and expanding upon the original question:

Can you put a marquee on uneven ground?

a marquee at home, marquee on uneven groundUneven ground means different things to different people. But don’t worry, we’ll cover them all here. From heavily rutted farmers field to undulating back lawns – there are solutions available for all scenarios.

If the ground that you are planning to put your marquee on is uneven then your marquee supplier will need to find the best solution for making it as even as possible for your guests to use. There are a few different ways in which we can do this, and the best solution for each scenario is quite simply dictated by the condition of the ground.

Boarded flooring

Generally, boarded flooring is ideal for evening out uneven ground. We use packing materials to even out the worst of the potholes before laying long, wooden, interlocking boards over the top. The end result may not be perfectly flat, but it will eliminate any ankle twisting pot holes and trip hazards.

Once the ground has been evened out, our boarded flooring is covered with an attractive, exhibition quality carpet. We give our clients a choice between a variety of colours to match the theme of their event.

Raised boarded flooring

Venue. Working for a marquee companyIf the ground is a little more than simply potholed and slightly uneven, then raised boarded flooring is the way to go. Raised boarded flooring (we use a system called ringbeam) is often referred to as cassette flooring. It is a modular system that consists of a steel subframe which is then covered with wooden floorboards.

Raised boarded flooring is a heavy duty option and provides a wonderfully even surface. It’s ideal for heavily rutted ground (think well used cattle field!) and even for ground with reasonably pronounced undulations. As with boarded flooring, we supply exhibition grade carpet with our raised boarded floors.

How about sloping ground?

Sloping ground is a different issue altogether. We’ve seen beautifully manicured, pothole free lawns that would make an ideal venue for a cheese rolling contest. No need to worry about potholes and undulations, but nobody wants a sloping marquee on the side of a hill… do they?

Why not? Depending upon the severity of the hill we can either use the aforementioned raised boarded flooring system to eliminate the slope, or we can use raised boarded flooring and scaffolding to nullify the problem if the slope is more pronounced.

Terraces and multi-tiered lawns

We love a challenge! Marquees are rather versatile structures and can be utilised in a variety of different ways to work in many different spaces. Marquee legs can be extended or retracted to reduce height variations, so there’s no need to despair if the only space available for your marquee is across multiple tiers.

Incorporating garden features within marquees is also a great way to create interest and make your event stand out from the crowd.

What other unusual spaces can take marquees?

Will a marquee damage my lawn? Marquee on uneven groundPutting a marquee on uneven ground might sound like a challenge but believe us when we say that it’s par for the course in our industry! We’ve built marquees in some rather trickier locations over the years; and we’re glad to say that, as a result, we’ve earned something of a reputation as the ‘go to’ guys for technically challenging marquee design.

We’ve built marquees over ponds, lakes and swimming pools. We have incorporated large garden features such as statuary, trees and gazebos. We’ve built marquees on some rather serious slopes, created multi-tiered marquees with bespoke, hand build stairs between levels. The sky is the limit as far as we’re concerned; we’ll never turn down a challenge without giving it some serious consideration first.

So, can we build you a marquee on uneven ground?

Or on a perfectly flat, well-manicured lawn – we’re not fussy! If you are considering holding a marquee-based party, wedding or event then why not give us a call to find out if we have the perfect marquee solution for you?

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