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Where can I put a marquee marquee quotes

Gathering marquee quotes seems simple on the surface – call a marquee supplier, email them or even use an online calculator. BUT… If you want an accurate quote that genuinely reflects the marquee and the event that you’re planning, it’s worth putting in a little groundwork before picking up the phone.

So, exactly what is it you need to know before getting in touch with potential suppliers?

Preparing to gather marquee quotes

In order to help marquee suppliers provide you with the most accurate quote, it’s helpful to have a good idea as to what you’ll be looking for from your event before you get in touch.

A good marquee supplier will then be able to discuss your ideas with you and guide you through the multitude of options available to create your dream event.

At the initial stages the most important considerations are as follows:

  • Approximate guest numbers
  • Event type: Birthday party? Wedding? Or something else entirely?
  • Will there be dining and dancing, or just one or the other?
  • Are you having a band or a DJ?
  • Will you require a caterers area?
  • Do you need toilets?
  • Are you having a bar?
  • Will you want/need heating or cooling equipment?
  • Location: Where will the event be held?
  • What surface will the marquee sit upon? Lawn, hard-standing etc.

Can’t I just get a ballpark estimate?

At Lifestyle marquees we always offer estimates over the telephone before asking our clients if they would like us to put full marquee quotes together for them.

However, the more information that we have at these early stages, the more accurate that estimate will be. Marquees are extraordinarily varied; they range from the simple to the sublime – with price tags to match.

Although Lifestyle marquees use only the highest quality marquee structures, it isn’t necessarily the marquee structure itself that dictates the overall price when hiring a marquee. It’s usually the details, the internal equipment, finishing and upgrades chosen by clients that affect the costs.

We think that it’s important to be as accurate as possible at the early stages, when gathering estimates and marquee quotes in order to avoid nasty surprises at a later date.

Check all marquee quotes thoroughly…

…and against one another. Not all marquees are created equal, so make sure that you are comparing like for like. One quotation may look particularly attractive until you realise that the quotation covers hire of the structure alone; adding in flooring, lighting, electrics, furniture, toilets, heating and so on could mean that the cost soon mounts marquees party marquee hire, marquee quotes

It’s a good idea to have a checklist and ask each supplier to quote based upon the same criteria.

Some marquee suppliers, such as Lifestyle marquees, provide a complete end-to-end service. This means that they can source, and build into their quotation, every marquee hire element for you.

Lifestyle marquees will even manage the third-party suppliers, ensuring that they deliver, build and/or integrate their elements in line with the marquee build schedule.

Is hiring a marquee cheaper than hiring avenue?

Marquee hire shouldn’t be seen as a cheap alternative to hiring a bricks and mortar venue. After all, a marquee is a bespoke designed and built venue, tailored specifically for you at your chosen location.

It involves a lot of hard work and labour to design, build and de-rig a marquee, plus plenty of logistical work from a network of suppliers to get everything in the right place at the right time, and all working perfectly in time for your event.

Beware of cheap marquee quotes

Bad marquee example

Would you want this ‘Marquee’ for your event?

Because they usually mean cheap marquee structures! Marquees come in all shapes and sizes and are suited to different purposes.

Some suppliers offer simple, cost effective solutions that are ideal for offering sun or rain shade during a simple garden party, but that are not suitable for occasions such as weddings and milestone celebration parties.

Lifestyle marquees marquees structures are of the highest quality. They are rated to withstand gusts of wind of up to 80mph. They are regularly used during the winter months (with suitable heating of course!).

The quality of finish within the marquee is important too; nobody wants loose lining, curling carpets or breezy corners at their event.

Get marquee quotes from Lifestyle marquees

If you are interested in hiring a marquee the please contact a member of our team. We offer over the telephone estimates, plus obligation free site visits and quotations.

When we attend a site visit, we survey and measure potential marquee sites and can advise on optimal locations. We discuss your ideas for your perfect event with you, show you images of marquees, linings, lighting options, bars, dance floors and more.

By the end of the visit you should have a pretty good idea as to what Lifestyle marquees can deliver. Plus, shortly after, you will receive your fully itemised quotation and a to scale floor plan via email.

Once your marquee quotes have been received, Lifestyle marquees will be able to help you to add and remove elements to ensure that you get the perfect marquee for your event and budget.

Call 01372 459 485 or email to start the conversation!