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Tennis court marquees marquee at home

Tennis court marquees are a specialty of ours, we’ve built lots of them over the years. Yet, despite their suitability for housing marquees, tennis courts are often overlooked as a potential marquee site.

Are tennis court marquees big enough for events?

Absolutely! You might be surprised to hear it, but a tennis court marquee can very comfortably host up to 250 guests for a formal dining occasion with a dancefloor and catering marquee space too. Perfect for parties and weddings.

Tennis court marquee, long term marquee hireWhy would I choose to have a tennis court marquee?

If you have a perfectly flat piece of ground, a lawn, large patio area or driveway for example, you probably won’t need, or want to use your tennis court to house a marquee. However, not everybody has an ‘oven-ready’ marquee space just waiting to be used! Finding the perfect marquee location can be challenging and there are multiple factors to consider when selecting the best location:

Access for suppliers

Your marquee supplier and third part suppliers – caterers, toilet suppliers, florists, furniture suppliers and so on- will all need to get to the marquee.

Suppliers will often be delivering large, cumbersome and heavy items to the build site. This means multiple trips from vans and trucks whilst carrying lots of equipment. Vehicular access is essential.  The further suppliers have to carry equipment, the more labour intensive the job. This could mean higher costs and makes construction delays more likely.

Access for guests

You don’t want to ask your guests to walk a long way from where they have parked their cars in order to get to the marquee. They are likely to have dressed up for the occasion, traipsing across gardens, fields or unmade paths would not be ideal. Sinking high heels, dirty shoes, muddy dress and trouser hems are a genuine risk and wouldn’t get the party off to the greatest start!

And what if it’s a windy or even a wet day? We can build walkways – even covered walkways – but there’s a limit on how long these can realistically be. Windswept hair and damp guests are a recipe for disaster. So make sure the marquee site that you choose is within sensible walking distance.

The surrounding scenery

Tennis Court Marquees, Tennis Court Marquee, Marquees on Tennis CourtsYou’ll want your marquee to be situated in an attractive location. Simply being flat doesn’t make a space the perfect choice as a marquee site. Perhaps your tennis court sits in beautiful surrounds? Your other suitable flat locations might be nice, but are they nice enough?

We can highlight garden features or buildings with clever lighting schemes and ensure spectacular views from the marquee by using clear roof or wall panels and even glass windows and doors.

In summary: Why would I choose to have a tennis court marquee?

It’s important to select your marquee site based upon factors such as the attractiveness and practicality of the walk to the marquee as well as the views from within and the ease of access for your marquee builders and other suppliers.

Perhaps your tennis court is the only flat surface available

People often dismiss the idea of having a marquee because they don’t believe that they have a suitable space for one. If you have a tennis court then you have an ideal, perfectly flat, ready made space for a marquee!

Tennis court marquees tend to be in wonderful locations

Tennis courts are usually in very easily accessible locations and have ready-made paths for guests to use. They are often close to the house and have landscaped and attractive garden space around them too.

And, as we have already mentioned, they are flat! A marquee builders dream.

A few practical notes about tennis court marquees

A marquee in the garden: Marquee on Tennis Court, tennis court marquees, tennis court marqueeWhilst a tennis court marquee is a great choice, there are a few practical factors that need to be considered. Regardless of where you site your marquee there will always be an element of pre installation preparation work to do.

When it comes to tennis courts, you’ll usually need to have the tensioned wire fencing around the court temporarily removed. This can be carried out by your tennis court supplier or maintenance company; The fence can easily be reinstated after the event. The fence posts can remain in place however and are ideal for hanging floristry or features such as festoon lighting!

You’ll need boarded wooden floor over the tennis court surface. This will protect the playing surface from damage by high heels, table and chair legs and other equipment that may need to sit within the marquee. It’s worth checking with your court supplier, manufacturer or maintenance company to make sure that the surface of your court is in good enough condition to house a marquee.

Why not have a read of this blog for more tips and practical information on choosing to have a tennis court marquee? Alternatively, click here for further information and insights.

Interested in tennis court marquees?

Talk to us if you think that a tennis court marquee might be the perfect solution for you. We offer no obligation site visits and would be more than happy to visit and survey your choice of marquee locations.

We’ll be able to advise on the suitability and practicality of using your tennis court to house a marquee. Or whether there’s an alternative location on your site that you may have overlooked.

Email, or call 01483 322070 and talk to a member of our experienced team. We’ll even be able to offer you a ballpark estimate over the phone.