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We know how it goes – you want your wedding to be spectacular, you want your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary celebration to be special and memorable, you want your office summer party to be the best one yet. You may be full of ideas, you may have no idea where to start – but the truth is, any event takes a lot of planning and organisation and it’s time that few of us ever seems to have.

Which is why event organisers were invented! They are a breed apart – people who are equipped with a unique blend of creativity and clear thinking when it comes to logistics, people who love to make things happen for other people. There are lots of event organisers about – Lifestyle marquees works with a number of event organisers who we know well and will happily recommend to our clients, and we also offer our own event coordination service. The challenge, of course, is to find the right one for you and your event.

So we’ve put together our top tips for choosing an event organiser for your marquee event:

  • Be clear in your own mind about what you want your event organiser to do. Do you want them to select all the suppliers you’ll need? Are you going to leave it to them to decide on the menu? Decide what elements of the event you want to control and what you’re happy to hand over.
  • Set a budget so that your event organiser knows how much they have to work with and can plan how to get the most out of it.
  • Don’t just pick the first event organiser you contact. Speak to a few. A good event organiser will know all the key questions to ask in order to get a good overview of your event and what you want to achieve.
  • If possible, try to meet in person. Building a good rapport with someone who may be working with you for months will make such a difference to the end result. You’ll also get more of a feel for whether they are focused on you and your specific requirements or whether they simply work to a set formula.
  • Find out about their experience – have they worked on similar events in the past? Can they show you plenty of evidence in the form of video, photographs and client testimonials? Do their events look creative and do they inspire you? Don’t be afraid to ask to speak to past clients, you’re investing in the event organiser to deliver an important event – you need to be absolutely confident of their ability.
  • Once you have a shortlist, ask each event organiser to provide a proposal, complete with a breakdown of costs. Have they covered every single element of the event from beginning to end (including clean up). Do they demonstrate a good understanding of how the event will work within the marquee space? Is there a wet weather plan if some of your event is expected to be outside the marquee? Does the proposal suggest good value for money?
  • Make sure that their own fees are included in the proposal – it shouldn’t come as a surprise at the last minute.
  • Most importantly, have they given you plenty of ideas that fit in with your vision? And is that underpinned by good technical knowledge – right down to the power requirements?

Once you’ve been through the proposals, it’s then a case of deciding which you like best and who you feel happiest working with. As soon as you’ve selected your event organiser you can simply concentrate on looking forward to an amazing marquee event – and one that is completely stress free!


If you’re planning a marquee event do get in touch with Lifestyle marquees on 01483 322070 or – we are more than just a marquee supplier an can introduce you to some of Surrey’s best event organisers.