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That most British of sporting events, Wimbledon, is now underway. Synonymous with summer (and often with summer showers!), steeped in tradition and – apart from the quality of the tennis itself – renowned for the very English treat of strawberries and cream. Apparently, 28,000kg of strawberries are consumed during the Wimbledon fortnight, accompanied by 7,000 litres of cream. It sounds indulgent and rather naughty, but did you know that strawberries are actually very good for you? They are a great source of Vitamin C, low fat, low calorie and rich in antioxidants. We can even justify the cream because it contains protein and calcium – what’s not to like!

Strawberries belong on the menu for summer marquee parties
Winbledon StrawberriesStrawberries and summer go together so well, so it’s no wonder that they are a seasonal favourite at this time of year. And what could be more fitting than strawberry-based desserts for marquee wedding receptions and other special events.

We spoke to Delicious Dishes to find out what they’ll be serving up at events throughout the summer. Owner Jacqueline Mazur told us: “Strawberries have a habit of putting a smile on people’s faces. The vivid red of the fruit – however it’s been prepared and presented – ensures a strong visual impact. And then there’s the anticipation of how they’ll taste, how beautifully juicy and succulent they’ll be. Along with other seasonal berries and fruit, we are, as caterers, spoilt for choice when it comes to planning desserts for a summer event – but strawberries are a perennial favourite amongst our clients.

“You don’t always need to get too fancy about fruit, either. Sometimes it can, quite simply, speak for itself. We find that strawberries and cream is always a winner. Topped off with a sprig of mint, it becomes a perfect serving of summer. And we’d agree absolutely that strawberries work really well on any menu for a marquee event – it’s a great way of linking the food to an outdoors setting, it’s almost as if they’ve just been freshly picked from the other end of the garden.

“And then, of course, there’s strawberries used for jam and another great traditional combination – scones, jam and cream. It immediately conjures up images of charming English country gardens and is an absolute must for an afternoon tea hosted in a marquee. They’re impossible to refuse, even the most diet-conscious guest will find their resolve weakening when faced with a delicious cream tea!

“Little tarts, made with beautifully short pastry and loaded with raspberries and blueberries and topped with a halved strawberry look mouth-wateringly good and create a lovely sense of fruity abundance. And who can resist that very English dessert, a glorious Eton Mess – perfectly ripe strawberries, double cream whipped with vanilla essence and icing sugar, stirred into crushed meringue. All simple dishes, but incredibly effective, very satisfying, and very, very moreish!”


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