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Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a marquee company or what it takes to make sure that our marquees are kept in tip-top condition from one event to another? We’ve said it before – and we’ll say it again – when a company or individual plans a marquee event, the marquee has to be right. It has to be fully fit for purpose, both in structure and appearance – the success of the event quite literally depends on that marquee. It’s a huge responsibility and one that we take seriously – and it’s why our ten-point guarantee exists. It’s why our marquee service levels are second to none.

Quality is Lifestyle marquees’s priority

Marquee WarehouseQuality standards are applied across all aspects of Lifestyle marquees’s operations. Starting at the most obvious point, we never compromise on the quality of our marquees. We purchase ours from Hoecker Structures, a company that has been in business for over 50 years. The company established its UK base in 1990, where every component part of their structures are manufactured – within the industry, Hoecker Structures really is the market leader and their commitment to pushing and developing technology to constantly improve their products is second to none. It just wouldn’t make sense for Lifestyle marquees to go anywhere else for our aluminium frame marquees.

We don’t rely on other suppliers for everything though, and we make our own traditional pole marquees on site. Working on heavy duty, professional sewing machines, our highly skilled staff,  some of whom have been with Lifestyle marquees for over 30 years, take great pride in precision and accuracy – pole tents may lend themselves beautifully to shabby chic events, but the workmanship is anything but!

This in-house facility means that we can carry out running repairs and ensure that all our marquees are well maintained at all times. We also make our own panels and linings, which enhances our bespoke service – it means that we can create a truly unique marquee for clients whose requirements are very specific. In between events, marquee panels, linings and soft furnishings are washed in our industrial washing machine and hung out to dry, before being steam ironed for a perfect finish.

From warehouse to on site, Lifestyle marquees delivers

Winter marqueeOur on-site ethos is simple – be professional, polite and courteous. We are working on behalf of our clients, often on their own property, and our aim is to take care of them from start to finish. Much of that care and respect relies on our installation teams and we invest in an internal training programme for all members of staff. Training is regularly reviewed and developed to ensure that we are always working in line with the standards set out by our industry’s governing bodies, and our overriding aim is to surpass those standards.

Led by an experienced foreman, who knows how to manage a site and how to get the best out of every single member of the team, our installations are highly efficient. In the event of a problem, we take a proactive approach to finding a solution – you won’t catch anyone standing around scratching their heads! Swelling the ranks of our long-standing marquee professionals are seasonal, casual staff. Often students, their backgrounds are diverse – from training to become a doctor to studying for a military career at Sandhurst. Many, of course, work for us as a means to an end, but some have discovered they enjoy the events industry so much that they change their career path. But the common thread is a desire to achieve our clients’ expectations and it creates a strong team dynamic.

Lifestyle marquees enjoys an excellent reputation in Surrey and the South East

It takes time and effort to make sure our marquees are the very best quality they can possibly be, but it’s worth it when we meet – and, hopefully, even exceed – our clients’ expectations, and the positive feedback we receive is testament to that. And we’re proud to say that we do that on a regular basis – it’s the reason why we enjoy repeat business with corporate clients and why, for some of our private clients, we’ve been involved in some very special moments in their lives, providing marquee services for milestone birthdays, anniversaries, the wedding reception for their children.

And for those clients who know Lifestyle marquees less well or not at all, it can be a pleasant surprise to discover the quality of our service – even for those who come to us purely because another company has let them down in one way or another. Such situations are an ideal way for us to demonstrate that not all marquee companies are equal – and that Lifestyle marquees never compromises on quality, even when we’re asked to step in at the eleventh hour!


You can trust Lifestyle marquees to deliver an exceptional marquee service. Call us on 01483 322070 or email to discuss your marquee event.