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Tennis Court Marquee Hire: Are you thinking about having an event in your garden, but not sure whether you have the space? Large, flat garden spaces can be elusive, but if you have a tennis court then you already have the ideal location for your marquee event.

We specialise in tennis court marquee hire, a great way to utilise space for up to 250 guests. The large, flat surface area of a tennis court makes a great base for a marquee to stand on. It provides enough space for a seated dining event, a dance floor, and space for a caterers area too.

Tennis courts are usually located in an an easily accessible position, close to the house and with dedicated pathways and lighting. Perfect for guest and supplier access. Plus, a hard court means no muddy or undulating ground to content with.

Tennis court marquee hire – considerations

Whilst tennis court marquee hire is a great option, there are a few extra considerations to be taken into account versus traditional lawn based installations. There will also be a few extra bits of pre-installation preparation work to do.

Preparing your space

The wire fencing that surrounds the tennis court will need to be temporarily removed. Your tennis court supplier or maintenance company will be able to do this quickly and efficiently,  and can easily reinstate it after the event too. The fence posts can safely stay in place and are perfect for hanging floral displays and other features such as festoon lighting.

You’ll also need to remove your tennis net and posts…

Protecting your tennis court

tennis court marquee hireWe understand that your tennis court is an expensive, important and well loved part of your garden. You’ll want to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged.

Rest assured, tennis court marquee hire is one of our specialisms, and we take absolute care when the marquee is erected and dismantled, our foremen are familiar with tennis court installations and are experts at what they do.

Whilst we take the utmost care to mitigate any damage risks, we recommend that you ask your court supplier, manufacturer or maintenance company to make sure that the surface of your court is in good enough condition to house a marquee.


Lawn based marquees can have simple coconut matting floors. So long as the ground is relatively flat matting is a great solution. However, boarded wooden floor (and sometimes raised boarded wooden flooring) is a must for tennis court marquee hire.

Firstly, because it isn’t possible to pin coconut matting to a solid surface (certainly without causing serious damage!) but also because boarded floors protect the playing surface from damage by high heels, furniture and any other heavy equipment within the marquee.

Boarded flooring is always supplied with carpet (in a choice of colour) for a high end, luxury look and feel.

Tennis court marquee hire: The pros

  • Flat, perfect party surface
  • Perfect for large parties of up to 250 guests
  • Usually well located for guest and supplier access
  • There will already be defined pathways to and from the area
  • Often has it’s own lighting, or even floodlighting
  • Close to the house

Tennis court marquee hire: The cons

  • Court fencing will need to be removed
  • Coconut matting flooring is not an option
  • You’ll lose your tennis court for a week or so

What do our customers say?

“Seriously we were very impressed with Lifestyle marquees, with the quality of the marquee supplied and your erection crew. They were very helpful and responded positively and swiftly to our last minute changes. Dismantling was just as efficient with our tennis court left in pristine condition.”

Interested in tennis court marquee hire?

For advice, cost estimates or just a general conversation about your marquee hire options, why not speak to a member of our team? You can call 01483 322070 or email to start the conversation.