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Winter wedding Marquee

Winter and marquees may not seem a natural fit, but a winter marquee wedding can be spectacular. Winter provides a stunning backdrop for events, and a winter marquee wedding may be the most spectacular of all.

In this article we take a look at some of the things that you’ll want to think about if you’re considering a winter marquee wedding. From weather worries to creating the perfect atmosphere, our winter marquee wedding guide offers answers to all the burning questions and more:

Winter marquee wedding atmosphere

For a romantic, cosy atmosphere, a winter marquee wedding is hard to beat. With any luck, crisp, bright, frosty blue skies will accompany you on your journey to the altar. By the time you and your guests reach the marquee for the reception party the sun should still be shining brightly in the sky. But by the time everybody has taken their seats for the wedding breakfast it should be starting to set.

Winter weddings winter marquee weddingThe sun will be tucked up in bed by the time the speeches get under way. The marquee lighting will come on and the atmosphere will be just perfect for a party. Although the summer months are beautiful, the sun can set very late offering no clear delineation between daytime pleasantries and evening celebrations.

Additionally, on warm, bright summers evenings your guests may want to spend time outside. Lovely though that may sound, you can end up finding guests spread far and wide rather than congregating in the space that you have carefully cultivated for your wedding celebration.

Winter marquee wedding lighting

How beautifully does a carefully planned lighting scheme work against the darker skies? The use of lighting can completely transform your venue; use colours that only the British winter can harmonise with, such as teal, cream, yellow, blue and grey.

Why use Lifestyle marquees, winter marquee weddingThe focus will be on the interior, creating a beautiful, warm and welcoming atmosphere, but don’t forget about the exterior. Exterior lighting sets the scene and can be a great addition to your winter marquee wedding.

Up-light trees, statuary, garden features and buildings. Highlight walkways with lanterns, candles or even fire pits. Hang festoon lighting between trees. And why not up light the marquee exterior too?

The pictures will be breath-taking.

Be imaginative with your lighting scheme. Use a variety of different coloured up lights for highlighting interior features such as roof sails, floristry and lined marquee walls.

Weather Conditions

We all know that the great British weather isn’t always dependable. Because weddings are planned so far in advance it’s impossible to predict what the weather will do on the day.

Unfortunately, a summer wedding is almost as likely to fall on a cooler, cloudy day as it is to land on a perfectly sunny and warm day. British winters however, tend to be dry, crisp and cold, so unless you’re unlucky, you shouldn’t have to contend with the rain.

Wet weather marquees, marquees and rainAnd if you’re planning a winter marquee wedding then you’re not expecting a super sunny, warm and bright day – you’re planning an occasion that works in harmony with the weather that you’re know you’re almost guaranteed to get.

Our marquees are of the highest quality. Built to be durable in all weather conditions. They are rated to withstand gusts of wind of up to 80 mph. We can also incorporate toilets, cloakrooms and catering areas into our marquees so that there’ll be no need for anyone to leave the warm, dry space that you’ve created.

Winter wedding marquee heating

We offer marquee heating systems all year around, but we recommend them for every event taking place between October and March. We’ll recommend the correct number and placement of heaters to keep whole of the marquee warm and cosy all evening long.

Our heaters are thermostatically controlled, so can be turned on, off, up or down during the course of the evening. Our team will show you how to operate the system – but rest assured, they are simple and intuitive to use.

Why choose a winter marquee wedding?

perfect wedding winter marquee weddingA marquee is a blank canvas upon which to paint the picture of your perfect wedding celebration. Bespoke designed for you, and an opportunity to create a unique, personal and very special day.

Winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular, but they’re yet to become as sought after as their summer counterparts. The good news is that there’ll be less competition for the best suppliers such as caterers, entertainers and marquees.

Ideal guest lists are often more successfully adhered to for winter weddings.

People are less likely to be on holiday, or double booked with summery social occasions, parties or other summer weddings…

Winter weddings are also unique. It’s likely that your guests have been to far fewer winter wedding than spring or summer weddings. The décor, theming, lighting – and even seasonally sourced foods, always stand out at winter weddings.

And if you need further convincing… We all love a wedding. But a beautifully curated winter wedding is something especially exciting for your guests to look forward to during the darker colder months of the year.

Interested in a winter marquee wedding?

Have a chat with a member of our friendly, super helpful office team. We can offer advice, ideas and inspiration over the telephone, along with ballpark estimates, supplier recommendations and more. Call 01483 322070 or email to start the planning your perfect winter marquee wedding.