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Christmas marquee hire is as popular as ever and each year we build lots of house extension marquees, creating extra party or dining space for celebrations across the winter months too. Bonfire night and Halloween are just around the corner and we are receiving plenty of enquiries for marquees for these seasonal events as well.

Quality marquees (Such as those supplied by Lifestyle marquees) make winter marquee hire a viable alternative to venue hire.  Great news for those of us with birthdays during the winter months – why hire a venue and have the hours of your party, the styling, the catering and drink options dictated to you when you could create an exciting and bespoke winter party space of your very own?

House extension marquees

House extension marqueeIf you are looking to hold a celebration at home this winter but are worried whether you’ll have enough space for all of your guests then a house extension marquee could be the perfect solution for you.

Our house extension marquees can be attached, perhaps across bi-fold or patio doors from you kitchen or lounge. We can ‘seal’ the marquee to your house and using guttering, ensuring no water can get between the marquee and your home. We use boarded wooden flooring with carpet to create a seamless flow between the two spaces, while heaters, lining and lighting add the finishes touches to this cosy extra room, generating the additional space you need as well as plenty of  wow’s  from your guests.

Winter party marquees

Parties come in all shapes and sizes and for a variety of occasions, but don’t let the fact that it’s winter put you off of the idea of hiring a marquee. With a marquee you’ll be able to create your very own, bespoke and personal party space. Think Halloween and Fireworks night as well as birthday and Christmas parties.

Marquee heater technology has come along way in recent years and our floor vented heating systems will keep your marquee space heated, cosy and warm all evening long. A boarded wooden floor with carpet will keep any dampness in the ground at bay with lining and lighting combining to add the finishing touches to your perfect party space.

Winter wedding marquees

Wedding marqueesWinter is a fantastic time for a wedding in a marquee. The lighting is beautiful and day slips into night in perfect time to transition from daytime ceremony to party time.

Imagine frost sparkling across frozen lawns, glistening from bare tree branches in the bright sunshine of a crisp, fresh winters day. Your guests arrive to the warm and welcoming glow of a beautiful winter marquee, heated and cosy, for reception drinks and canapés.

As the sun slides gently toward the horizon diners take their seats for the wedding breakfast, a beautiful winter sunset – the seasons gift to you and your Wedding marqueebetrothed. Once the speeches have been delivered and the deserts cleared away nights blanket falls upon the marquee and the lighting takes over to set the ambiance for the evenings festivities.

External lighting to trees, flowerbeds and buildings works beautifully and you and your guests enjoy the garden scenery from the warmth of your, unique, personal and perfect marquee wedding venue.

What more could you ask for?

Marquees really do make fantastic winter venues… Contact us to discuss creating your perfect marquee event.