Floral displays

A marquee makes a fantastic blank canvas for creating your own very special and unique event – but what good is a canvas without a splash of colour? By using floristry to create pretty and clever floral displays you can really bring your space to life.

On the table

Small and simple table centres add colour and interest to your tables; though you could opt for large, extravagant statement pieces. Sometimes less is more, and although there’s no right or wrong you wouldn’t want a huge floral display blocking guests views of one another during dinner or their view of the speeches at a wedding breakfast.

Make the most of the views

Whilst some tastefully arranged floral displays within the marquee are important you’ll want to take care not to over do it. If your marquee is set in grounds with beautiful views then why not take advantage of this? Clear window walls will let you showcase the outside space; and external lighting to the gardens, trees or house delivers real wow factor once the sun dips below the horizon.

Floral displaysPlenty of space in the roof

There’s a lot of room in a marquee roof; some of the most memorable floral displays take advantage of this space.  Flowers can bring life and vibrancy to the marquee with large, impactful floral designs creating a magical aura in an area of the marquee that could otherwise appear large and empty.

A popular and current trend is to dress wooden trellises, ladders or planks with large floral displays and hang them from the marquee rafters. Flower balls can be interesting statement pieces when  hung from one of the many hanging points offered in a marquee.

Floral displaysInside outside’s marquee structures are capable of supporting weights of up to 100kgs at the rafters and individual roof apex points – Not all marquee structures are of such high quality so if you aren’t working with us then be sure to check weight bearing capability with your supplier before making any arrangements with your florist.

Marquee rafters slope down from the apex (roofline) of the marquee to the marquee walls. Why not use them by offsetting your displays along the rafters to create an interesting, rather than linear design?

Floral displaysThings to consider

When planning your floral displays you’ll need to consider the amount of weight bearing points that are available. Frame tents have internal metal framework and therefore offer by far the largest number of opportunities for hanging floral displays. Traditional pole marquees use a series of internal wooden poles along with guy ropes to support the structure; though they offer less hanging points the poles lend themselves perfectly to being wrapped or hung with floral displays.

Take a look at our floral gallery for more inspiration

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