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Hiring a marquee

If you’ve read parts one, two, three and four of the ultimate guide to hiring a marquee you’ll have a pretty good idea of the type of structure to best suit you and your event and you’ll have already decided upon the best location for your marquee – If not, just click the links above.

Now it’s time to look at everything else…. from functional practicalities to fun, styling and decoration.

We’ll kick off by looking at reception and chill out areas and the all important ‘Wet weather contingency’ – we do live in the UK after all!

Reception and chill out areas

Hiring a marqueeThere are lots of ways to create extra space and lots of reasons for doing so. By using one or more Chinese hat pagodas to create a reception area you’ll also add an attractive and inviting frontage to your marquee, a real focal point as your guests arrive. Add some soft furniture, poseur tables or cube seats and you have a fantastic chill out area for later in the evening too.

It’s also possible to create separate areas within the marquee itself. Lifestyle marquees can erect partition walls or add separate pagoda or marquee spaces for chill out rooms or cocktail lounges. Just be careful that you don’t end up break up the party and/or the atmosphere by ending up with pockets of guests dotted around separate parts of the marquee.

For corporate events Lifestyle marquees can create separate break-out or meeting rooms, conference areas, projector rooms or dining space.

Wet Weather contingencies

Hiring a marqueeMost weddings and parties are planned for the summer months, but in the UK dry weather is never guaranteed so it’s always worth having a contingency plan in place.

If you are planning reception drinks on the lawn then you’d be wise to consider what alternative space is available inside the marquee should the weather gods decide to gatecrash proceedings.

Depending on guest numbers you could add a couple of Chinese hat pagodas to the set up, creating an attractive entrance and reception space. Hiring a marqueeHowever if you want to avoid additional costs then the dance floor is always a good option as a wet weather reception contingency.

When hiring a marquee, consider also how your guests will get from the car park to the event space. If there’s a Chance of rain you might want to consider supplying umbrellas. Alternatively, if the distance isn’t too great then a covered walkway is a good option.

If the marquee is on a lawn and the ground is damp or there’s a threat of rain, then adding a coconut matting or wooden walkway might be a good idea. A walkway can be a cost effective way to avoid muddy dress hems and trouser legs and stop high heels sinking into the ground. Your guests will thank you and it also lowers the likelihood of mud and dirt being walked all over your lovely new marquee carpet.

Hiring a marquee?

Contact us for a no obligation, over the phone estimate. Marquees are ideal in all weathers and at all times of year, read our blog on winter marquees and please get in touch to talk your ideas through with a member of our team 01483 322070 or email

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