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Marquee Floristry

Marquee Floristry: Flowers and floral decoration add colour and interest to a marquee, particularly when it comes to weddings. Part six of the ultimate guide delves into the wonderful world of marquee floristry.

Marquee FloristryAs with so many things, less is often more and traditional floral table centres can be more impactful than large floral displays in the marquee roof space.

If you are in a beautiful setting then take advantage of  the views outside using window walls to showcase the gardens or the landscape outside.

However, if your heart is set on having extravagant or large floral displays there are variety of ways to take advantage of the space available in the marquee roof.

A recent and popular trend has been to hang large floral displays from trellises or wooden planks in the marquee roof space. Alternatively, flower balls Marquee Floristrycan be suspended from single hanging points throughout the marquee. The central supporting poles in traditional pole tents lend themselves well to being wrapped or hung with floral displays.

Displays can be hung from the central roofline of the marquee or at any point along the rafters that slope down from the roofline to the marquee walls at three metre intervals – ideal if you want to offset your floral displays rather than have them all hanging in one straight line.

What else will I need to consider…
Marquee FloristryThe biggest considerations when planning your floral displays is the amount of weight being suspended from any one point in the marquee and the limited number of suitable weight bearing points available to you.

Frame tent  marquees offer the greatest number of opportunities for hanging floral displays. The apex point at the roof of each three metre marquee bay and the angled rafters travelling down from them to the marquee walls have the greatest weigh bearing capabilities.

Lifestyle marquees Marquees supply high quality frame tents, capable of supporting weights of up to 100kgs hung from the rafters or individual apex points.Marquee Floristry

If you are not using Lifestyle marquees Marquees then please check the weight bearing capability of the structure your marquee supplier is providing.

If you need to hang a heavier display then straddling two or more weight bearing points increases the amount of weight that can be hung. In an Lifestyle marquees marquee for example, a trellis hung between two apex points allows you to use the 100kg weight bearing capability of each point, thereforeMarquee Floristry supporting a weight across both points of 200kgs.

Displays suspended in the roof space will usually require a pulley system to haul them into place. Make sure that your florist and your marquee company speak to each other well in advance to make sure that the right equipment is in place on the day the display is due to be hung. Check that your florist is comfortable and confident about sing the pulley system, if not you’ll need to speak to your marquee supplier for advice

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