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Marquee wedding venues

Weddings are all about the bride and groom, they should be personal and unique to each couple – a way for them to share their special day and celebrate their bond with their closest family and friends.

Wedition is a fantastic and utterly different way for couple’s to tell their story, a truly bespoke and personalised wedding favour in magazine form that every guest can take home and enjoy time and time again. We spoke to Liz Gatherer, the creative force behind Wedition and lover of all things wedding who told us why she’s a huge fan of marquee wedding venues.

Marquees are so unique

No marquee wedding venue is the same, just like a couple’s wedding day. Every wedding is completely unique to the couple, although from an outsider’s point of view, it’s easy to think that all weddings seem to be rather similar, but get into conversation with any couple, and you’ll soon realise that due to the level of detail, thought and personalisation, each and every wedding is completely unique, showcasing their love story and their togetherness, whether it be in a loud and obvious way or a more subtle and unobtrusive way.

Marquee wedding venues are an incredible way to personalise your wedding, from the inside out. Complement your day with Wedition and you have the perfect way to share with your guests the story of your wedding and highlight the personal touches.

Bringing your wedding day to life with marquee wedding venues

Marquee wedding venueMarquee wedding venues are often required at a family venue and can be used to extend the space of a house, set up over a swimming pool or even on an uneven or stepped surface.

For many couples, the essence of their story will run through their day, they are likely to include elements of where they first met, where they got engaged or plan into their day a shared love.

Perhaps this will be a blue and water theme because they met whilst walking their dogs around a lake; perhaps there will be a Parisian theme because they got engaged at the Eiffel Tower; or maybe there will be a retro gaming theme running throughout the day because they’re both passionate about arcade games. Whatever they choose, marquee wedding venues can easily be transformed into anything the imagination can conjure.

Perhaps you have an idea for a theme and a style for your wedding, but you don’t really know how to make it happen, this is where your wedding suppliers will prove to be invaluable, speak to the team at Lifestyle marquees Marquees and they will stimulate your senses with what they can provide for you, work with Liz from Wedition and she will be able to add the extra layer of magic to your day making it truly outstanding.

Wedition is the ideal way to highlight the things about your wedding story that are most important to you… imagine your guests reading about your Parisian proposal at the Eiffel Tower whilst enjoying pink macaroons, the same ones that you ate right after getting engaged.

Think of the delight on your guest’s faces as they read about your wedding day details and find out that the magician you’ve hired is the same one that you saw on one of your date nights.

Think of the joy as your guests find out who’s who in your wedding party and they realise that your love of gin started in your university days as you shared a bottle with your roommate who is now one of your bridesmaids. Not only will Wedition tie together your wedding day in a unique keepsake, but it is also styled to complement your colour scheme and theme and will fit seamlessly into your day.

Wedding marquee hire

Marque wedding venueWhether you are having a large gathering at your wedding or an intimate blessing, there is a wedding marquee hire to suit your every need. Once you’re settled on your chosen wedding marquee hire, it is then time to layer your wedding in more and more unique and wonderful ways.

You’ll need to choose a caterer, a bar, decide on your entertainment and choose your own wedding day timings, it’s up to you when the day should start and end. Some couples relish this level of planning, others may feel overwhelmed at first, this is where your wedding marquee hire company will be able to help and guide you and put you in touch with suppliers they have worked with many times before and trust implicitly.

As part of having a Wedition wedding, you will have access to a whole host of suppliers who make it their job to add the final layers of intricate personalisation and marvel to your day.

Aside from sharing your proposal story, wedding party introductions and fun wedding day facts, you can use your Wedition to display the menu, the order of the day and the readings, making this beautiful keepsake incredibly practical too.

Marquee hire Surrey complimenting your wedding venue

With so many different unique and beautiful locations for your marquee hire in Surrey the possibilities of personalising your wedding day are limitless. You may choose a wedding venue that you adore for the beauty and the history but it is not quite big enough to comfortably accommodate marquee wedding venueall of your wedding guests so you will choose to hire a marquee in Surrey.

Wedition couples often ask me to incorporate the history of their wedding venue within their Wedition and it is certainly something I take great pleasure in doing. So many of our glorious wedding venues in Surrey have a story to tell, whether they were lived in by a notable person, they played an important role during the Second World War or they have a secret door and passageway allowing the occupants to safely escape in times of peril.

Sharing these stories with your guests inside Wedition is a wonderful way to help them feel connected with your Surrey wedding venue and enhances their overall wedding experience with you, making your day truly stand out in their mind. Complimenting your wedding venue with a Surrey marquee hire and teaming it with a Wedition styled to your wedding colour scheme and theme is certainly an ingenious way to create a day that is perfect for you and your wedding story.

Wedition: bringing your wedding story to life

Marquee Wedding VenueWe create a beautiful personalised wedding magazine styled to your wedding theme and colour scheme.

A bespoke memento of your day that your family and friends will cherish forever, Wedition is a unique way to make your wedding stand out and bring your wedding story to life for your loved ones.

Complementing your marquee wedding venue with Wedition is the perfect way to share with your guests the story of your wedding and highlight the personal touches that make your wedding uniquely yours.


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