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House extension marquee

Planning to hold a party or special event at home? It’s always a worry of how you’ll accommodate everyone and whether you’ll end up with a series of unconnected parties happening independently of each other in separate rooms – it’s not an ideal scenario. And what if your garden isn’t big enough to put a marquee? There is a solution that combines the best of your home and outside space – a house extension marquee!

A house extension marquee is a free-standing structure that essentially creates an extra room. Built on your patio, decking or lawn, it butts up to an external wall. If your guests are coming into your house when they first arrive, they’ll enter the extension via your patio doors, bi-folds or external door. Or, if they’re arriving via the garden, we can include an entrance in the extension itself.

Space to be creative!

Marquee HeatingJust imagine the sense of excitement your guests will experience when they arrive. Keep the house extension marquee a surprise and they’ll be wowed by the extra party space that’s appeared. Lighting will be important in terms of creating the right ambience – whether you want a funky nightclub feel or something ultra sophisticated. If your event has a particular theme, it’s really easy to dress and decorate the marquee space – and a good way of linking with any rooms in your house that you may also be utilising. Take a look at our gallery for some inspiration!

The extra space also gives freedom to do more than you may otherwise be able to do within your home. You could have a DJ and dance floor, put in a bar where waiters can put on a great show of making cocktails, or set out a dining area where you don’t have to worry about food spoiling an expensive carpet! However you want to use the house extension marquee, we can help you with everything – with a superb network of suppliers , we can put you in touch with companies who provide a high quality service, many of whom work regularly together, and will make sure your special occasion is a success.

Extension marquees at venues

House Extension MarqueeBut extension marquees aren’t purely for residential settings only. Extension marquees can also work very successfully at venues – a perfect solution if you fall in love with a particular place but discover it’s a not quite big enough for what you need. We have previously created an extension marquee at Loseley Park, increasing the footprint of the Tithe Barn wedding venue, using a frame tent extension marquee.

We used clear roof panels and gable ends, along with window walls, to create a very open space. Some fantastic purple LED lighting created a sense of anticipation as guests arrived at Loseley Park and, once inside, the clear panels allowed a clear view of the grounds, so there was still a nice sense of ‘place’. The extension gave us the ability to install a full-size bar and we didn’t have to restrict the guest list at all.

A year around marquee solution

A marquee extension is an all-year-round solution. Ours are not flimsy structures that will threaten to blow away in anything stronger than a light breeze. No matter what the weather, you can be confident that Lifestyle marquees’s marquee extensions are fit for purpose. And during the colder months we have excellent heating systems that will ensure an ambient temperature. We can also install boarded and carpeted flooring, which also helps keep the space warm.


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