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Alternative entertainment

So the marquee has been hired, you’ve found a fantastic caterer, now you’re wondering about the entertainment. The obvious thought will most likely be to hire a DJ and maybe a band to play a live set – there’s nothing wrong with that at all, it’s a tried and tested formula, but how about some alternative entertainment? We can introduce you to the most talented people around.

But we also know just how brilliantly a party or special event can take off when you arrange for something slightly different to happen. And again, we know exactly who to go to!

Sunrise Management has been in the entertainment business for over 30 years and has worked with prestigious venues all over the UK, providing top class entertainment for private and corporate events. Here are just a few ideas to inspire you:

ABBA Tribute actTribute bands
These are bands that go on tour, bands that fill seats night after night – and you could have one at your event, including the world-famous The Bootleg Beatles and The Counterfeit Stones! Love Abba or Robbie Williams, book the next best thing.

There is nothing quite like watching a close-up magician – no special effects, no clever editing, just incredible skill that will leave you scratching your head! A magician wandering amongst your guests really adds to the party atmosphere, and is a great ice-breaker if lots of your guests don’t know each other.

Something that is often seen outside tourist attractions and always draws a crowd, a cartoonist at your party will add to the fun and the finished picture is a lovely keepsake for your guests.

Stand-up comedy
Put the dancing on hold for an hour and get your guests laughing. Sunrise Management has a huge range of comedians, from well-established names to edgy and alternative newcomers.

Viva Las Vegas!
How about having a casino at your party – it works really well at black-tie events and your guests will enjoy a little light-hearted gambling.

Meanwhile, over at Lemon Entertainment Lucy has some fantastic musicians on her books, including some rather quirky acts that will definitely add an element of surprise to your event.

The Fabulous Fajitas
The Fabulous Fajitas are a mariachi trio that puts a Mexican twist on all sorts of music – from pop to punk. It sounds a bit crazy, they sound incredible and they absolutely know how to please a crowd. If you want to create an amazing party atmosphere, these are the guys to get.

Serving up a Song
Why make the music a separate part of your party when you can combine it with lunch or dinner. Your guests won’t know that Serving up a Song is there until the waiters, who have been behaving as waiters should, suddenly start singing! Sure to put a big smile on everyone’s faces, the group has an extensive repertoire.

Oompah Brass
This is a five-piece band, classically trained musicians who play their own style of music dubbed ‘oom-pop’ – pop, rock and soul songs arranged with an oompah beat and Bavarian swing. It is unique and never fails to please an audience – plus they will perform wearing lederhosen if you like!


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