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Wedding Barbecue

Okay, so it may conjure up unfortunate images of the bride sporting barbecue sauce over her designer wedding dress – admittedly, a barbecue may not be the first idea that springs to mind when planning the catering for a wedding. But if you’re hosting your wedding reception in a marquee, a barbecue couldn’t be more apt for the setting, especially during the summer. We’re not talking typical barbecue – that hastily assembled pile of sausages and burgers when the sun decides to come out and you grab the opportunity for a little al fresco fun with friends and family. No, we’re talking an altogether more sophisticated experience.

We spoke to one of our catering partners, Gastro, who can wax far more lyrically about barbecues than us! Aaron Douglass Bailey, Gastro’s culinary director, told us:

Gastro Catering“A wedding day should be the happiest day of a couple’s life. But there can be lots of stress around table plans, who knows who, who will or won’t get on. Traditionally, the wedding breakfast is a three- or four-course dinner, beautifully presented plates of food served to the table. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that but it can make it harder for people to break the ice and start talking to the stranger sitting next to them. Eating is a social event and a barbecue has the power to transform a formal occasion into something altogether more relaxed and fun – exactly what a wedding should be.”

Barbecues and marquees, an ideal pairing
Gastro CateringIt makes perfect sense. You’re not inside, your marquee is most likely in a beautiful setting that guests should be able to enjoy. Aaron says: “Cooking outdoors is a potent thing. The barbecue, or even a hog roast, provides a piece of theatre – even better if it’s a warm day and the marquee can be opened up to give guests a good view of the chefs preparing the food – and it provides an instant talking point between strangers or young and old. And then there is the unmistakable aroma that fills the air – it’s guaranteed to create a sense of excitement and anticipation amongst the guests.

“There are various ways of serving. Obviously, there’s the orderly buffet queue, but we find it works really well to serve each table, family style, with platters of food to be shared. Sharing, passing plates around, helping each other, makes for a great experience and really brings people together.

Gastro Catering“Even better, it’s a really cost-effective way of catering for large numbers, so if you’re looking for ways to make your wedding budget stretch that bit further barbecue catering is an ideal solution. With the cost per head lower than a plated meal, you could invite more guests or add more items to the menu. Fancy a bit of luxury? A barbecue can be as ‘posh’ as you want – lobster works really well, for instance. Add some impressive side dishes (no limp green salads to be seen) to complement the barbecued meat and you’ve got a fantastic visual feast that is every bit as tasty to eat.

“A formal dinner can be tricky when it comes to children, but a barbecue instantly resolves this problem – with plenty of things to choose from, younger guests will definitely not go hungry. And a barbecue menu is very flexible so that there is something for everyone – even vegetarians!”

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