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Lifestyle marquees can make yours just as impressive!

So last weekend saw what many are proclaiming to be the society wedding of the year – Pippa Middleton tied the knot with James Matthews, a rather well heeled hedge fund manager. Their wedding was subject to much media attention, not least because the guest list included Princes William and Harry, tennis player Roger Federer and actress Meghan Markle, but also because of the estimated £1/4 million price tag.

Whilst there are plenty of photographs of the wedding flying around the internet, the wedding reception was an altogether more private event. But various details have emerged and we were certainly intrigued to see the glass marquee that was erected in the grounds of the Middleton’s Berkshire estate – wow!

Of course, there aren’t too many people who will spend that much on a wedding. But do you even need to? We’re confident that Lifestyle marquees can deliver a wedding reception every bit as impressive as Pippa’s – so here’s what we know about the event and this is what we’d do.

Glass marqueeIf Pippa had come to Lifestyle marquees…
A 140ft glass marquee was erected in the Middleton’s back garden ­– well it certainly looked spectacular. But our marquees are also pretty impressive, why not take a look at our wedding gallery for inspiration and check out or clear marquees too.

Pippa and James wanted an enchanted forest theme in the marquee and the decoration included trees decked with fibre optic lights – we work with some fantastic event management companies, all of whom possess the imagination and skill to deliver fantastically themed wedding receptions.

350 guests attended – at Lifestyle marquees we can provide a marquee to suit the number of guests you’re planning to invite, from a small and intimate wedding party to much bigger events.

Delicious gourmet food close upThe menu included trout, Scottish lamb and haggis – speak to any of our exceptionally talented catering suppliers and they will create a bespoke menu for your special day – whether there is a particular dish that means something to you and your partner or you are crazy for strawberries.

The waiting staff were models – very lovely, but was it necessary? Our catering suppliers prefer to employ people who are good at what they do (which is not to say that they’re not all gorgeous!), know how to serve food efficiently, and are polite and friendly.

A Spitfire performed a flypast – now here’s a thing. Guests had to stand outside of the glass marquee to watch the flypast, just in case anything went wrong. Can you imagine what might have happened if the glass had shattered! No such risk with Lifestyle marquees’s marquees, they are built to withstand every element and planes flying overhead are never a worry. And, although we might not be able to lay our hands on a vintage plane, we do know where to go for alternative entertainment to surprise and delight your guests.

HarpistThe entertainment included a saxophonist and DJ, Scottish piper, single malt whisky bar, photo booths and light show – we’ve got this little lot well covered! Music is an important part of a wedding reception and our entertainment suppliers have some of the best acts around – DJs who perform at the most prestigious events in the country, and fantastic bands and musicians (including Florence and The Machine’s harpist, no less). Want a portable bar? It’s easily sorted and our Bar and drink suppliers know how to add a little theatre with some great displays of cocktail mixing. Photo booths are very popular at weddings and we know where to get the best. And if you want a spectacular lighting display, we know which of our suppliers knows how to put on a really good show.

Rainy marqueeThere were posh loos – well of course there were! And we would consider nothing else, either. Forget the portable toilets you see on building sites, we are talking ultra posh – complete with luxury towels and toiletries.

And it rained – good weather is one thing money can’t buy, but at least Pippa knew that a marquee event wouldn’t be spoilt if the weather turned bad. Her decision to hold her wedding reception in her parents’ back garden reinforces the fact that marquees work all year round and whatever the weather.

So why not talk to us and find out how we can help create a wonderful wedding reception for your and your partner. Call us on 01483 322070 or email