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Are marquees warm in winter?

Are marquees warm in winter? It’s a great question and the simple answer is yes. A good marquee supplier will be able to advise on everything you’ll need to winterproof your marquee. The latest heating technology, combined with some sensible planning, will create a warm, dry and stunning marquee venue for your event.

Marquee heating

Heating is essential in a winter marquee and marquee heating has really come on leaps and bounds in recent years.

At Lifestyle marquees we use discrete, floor vented heaters that are visually unobtrusive, quiet and thermostatically controlled; allowing you to monitor and adjust the temperature in your marquee throughout your event.

Are marquees warm marquee heater

The heating units sit outside the marquee and can be hidden behind partition walls or placed at the rear of the marquee for aesthetic purposes.

Your marquee provider will be able to calculate and advise on the optimal number of heaters and where to situate them for your marquee size, guest numbers and type of event.

Flooring for winter marquees

At Lifestyle marquees, we always recommend a boarded, or raised boarded flooring system for a winter marquee. Coconut matting may be fine for the warmer months, but it just doesn’t cut the mustard on a frozen or wet winter landscape.

Boarded flooring

Boarded flooring consists of a set of interlocking wooden boards that fit together, following the contours of the ground beneath. It’s great for evening out small ruts, pot holes and minor undulations. But best of all it creates a barrier between your guests and the chilly or damp floor beneath.

We always supply a brand new marquee carpet with our boarded flooring systems. An added level of protection from the cold and a cosy way to produce a premium look and feel in your marquee.

Are marquees warm in winter?

Raised boarded flooring

Raised boarded flooring takes your marquee to a whole other level – literally! This type of flooring uses a steel sub frame to create space between the ground and the marquee floor. The steel frame is fitted with wooden floorboards and covered with a carpet. The effect is stunning and it’s a great way to produce an even, flat surface – even on heavily rutted or sloping ground.

Raised boarded flooring really comes into its own where ground is prone to flooding or waterlogging.

Entrance marquees

Think of these as a large porch or reception room for your marquee. They create a barrier between the main entertaining space within the marquee and the chilly world outside. As guests arrive they’ll be able to enter the marquee without letting all of the heat out!

Entrance marquees also provide the perfect space for a cloakroom. A place to leave, hats, coats, umbrellas and bags so that your carefully themed marquee doesn’t end up cluttered with all of your guests winter garb!

Are marquees warm in winter?

Add a set of glass doors to your entrance marquee for a premium look. Don’t forget to add a second set of internal doors too. The internal doors, leading to the main entertaining space, help create an ‘airlock’ effect – keeping the warmth in and the cold air out.

Are marquees warm in winter?

Are marquees warm? If you’re asking the question then you must have a reason to celebrate during the winter months! We’d love to talk to you about your event and to offer you free, no obligation advice and an estimate over the telephone.

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