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winter marquee hire

Winter marquee hire is perfect if you have a birthday, anniversary, wedding or party to celebrate during the chillier months. Don’t make the mistake of considering a marquee as a summer only venue, they are excellent spaces for winter events, helping take advantage of outdoor space that might otherwise be unusual during the colder months.

Hiring a marquee is all about wanting to create something unique, special and individual – but it still needs to be fit for purpose. We’re often asked about the viability of winter marquee hire and we understand the concerns. Will the marquee be cold? Will it be damp? What if it’s windy or rainy? What about muddy fields or back gardens?

Let us put your mind at ease

Over the years we’ve developed the best techniques for ensuring that our winter marquees are kept warm, dry, cosy and comfortable -100% fit for purpose.

Floor vented heaters keep every winter marquee lovely and warm, carpet covered boarded flooring keeps the damp at bay and our marquees are wind rated for gusts of up to 80mph. We’re creating temporary venues, not drafty pop up tents.

Add some beautiful, warm lighting inside the marquee and external lighting to garden features, trees and buildings and your winter marquee becomes an enticing and exciting place to be.

Entrance marquees, covered walkways and wooden or matted pathways all help to keep guests warm and dry, dress hems and trouser legs mud free and lawns protected. We can even build luxury portable toilets into the marquee. Alternatively, we can provide covered walkways to them to protect your guests from the elements when nature calls.


We use discrete, thermostatically controlled, floor vented heaters in our marquees. This means that you can monitor and adjust the temperature in your marquee, without having to step outside.

When designing your marquee, we will be able to calculate and advise on exactly how many heaters you’ll need, and the best places to position them for the size of marquee, guest numbers and the type of event.

House extension marquees

House extension marquees are a popular choice across the winter months. When back gardens aren’t available for the spill over from a family party or large gathering of friends, a marquee is a great option.

House extension marquees Winter marquee house extension marquees wedding marquees marquee extension marquees for house parties marquee house extensionMarquee house extensions can be used in a variety of ways. They are versatile structures that attach to the back of the house to create an extra room. The marquee is seamlessly joined to the house with guttering between the two to keep the rain at bay.

A house extension marquee can be used to create extra dining space, night club areas or space to relax. Using a marquee in this way allows you to use your home to entertain larger parties by creating a stunning additional area that will blow your guests away.

Marquee heating and lighting, coupled with boarded and carpeted flooring means that this type of winter marquee is hugely popular with clients whose birthdays fall in the colder months.

Winter Marquee hire: Discover more

Are you considering hiring a marquee this winter? Would you like to understand more before taking the plunge? Speak to us about winter marquee hire, we’re always happy to office assistance and advice. We offer estimates over the telephone and can also arrange an obligation free site visit. After your site visit we’ll produce a quote and floor plan, tailored to you and your event. Click the button below, call 01483 322070 or email to find out more.