wedding themes

Planning your wedding and totally fed up of looking at endless Pinterest boards? Feeling bombarded, confused and overwhelmed by all the possibilities? Once the initial excitement of setting the date is over, the early planning stages can become quite stressful while you try to decide on a wedding theme. After all, that one decision will influence just about every other decision you need to make.


We’re always amazed by how different a marquee interior can look from one wedding to another, so we decided to explore a little more closely how to go about choosing a wedding theme and at what’s currently on trend.

Finding a venue that works with your wedding theme

Wedding marquee catering wedding themeAchieving a synergy between the theme and the wedding venue is essential – a rustic theme will look awkward in a classic country house and a formal black tie event might not work in a barn venue. Before you begin exploring venues, it’s worth taking the time to understand the look and feel that you would like your wedding day to have.

Once you can visualise your day you can start to understand the types of venues that will and won’t work. Alternatively, and if you aren’t 100% clear on the theme that you’d like to follow, then book viewings with a few venues that offer very different looks and feels, formal, informal, contemporary and classic. It’s very likely that this will give you a great sense of what’s right for you, and where you feel most comfortable.

A marquee is a great option. Marquees are a blank canvas, and they provide you with an opportunity to do whatever you want with your wedding theme – there are no constraints whatsoever and you can really personalise the space and make it unique to you.

Deciding on a wedding theme could be as simple as choosing your favourite colour or basing it on an interest you share with your intended – even better if it’s an interest that brought you together in the first place! Whichever route you go down, it’s that little nugget that will start the ball rolling. To enhance a marquee interior, think carefully about lighting to create a particular mood, along with the use of colour and texture, and creating height to ensure lots of visual interest.

So what’s trending?

The last few years have seen a strong trend towards rustic and vintage, a style that shows absolutely no signs of going out of fashion any time soon. Rich, bold colours have made way for more subtle pastel palettes – beautifully romantic and soft colours that are natural and whimsical but not too wishy-washy. Earthy colours are also popular and particularly lovely for both autumn and spring weddings.

The concept of interactive food has really taken off. It’s something a little out of the ordinary, often totally unexpected by guests and so it creates an added wow factor.

The traditional three-course wedding breakfast is no longer the rule. Serving canapes are a great way to allow guests to mingle a little longer, rather than being ushered straight to their tables. And once at the table, serving platters of food to be shared is another way to get guests interacting. And why not add a little fun to the evening catering with a food truck that serves street food.

Unique venue, unique wedding theme, unique you

Your wedding day should be unique to you – an Lifestyle marquees’s marquee means you can develop a wedding theme that symbolises your relationship and truly marks the first day of your married life.

We’ve been creating beautiful, bespoke marquees for over 40 years. We can help you to create a truly special, carefully tailored venue that’s bespoke to you and your partner. We also have strong relationships with some of the industry’s best suppliers – caterers, bar companies, florists, photographers, planners and more.

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