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can I hire a marquee in winter

Can I hire a marquee in winter? The simple answer is yes. Contrary to popular belief, marquees are still great venues during autumn and winter.

With summer drawing to a close and colder weather on the way, some might imagine that the marquee season is over. You really couldn’t be further from the truth! With sophisticated heating systems, great lighting schemes and insulating boarded and carpeted floors – marquees continue to be used for parties, weddings and events throughout autumn and winter.

So, what do you need to know when hiring a marquee in the colder months?

Marquee heating

When talking to marquee suppliers, ask about the heating systems that they offer. Lifestyle marquees use subtle floor vented heaters. These heating systems are quiet, thermostat controlled and, because they are at floor level, easy to hide. Externally, these heaters can be placed in discrete positions or screened if their positioning is more overt.

Of all the things that could ruin a winter party, poor heating has to at the top of the list. A good marquee supplier will be able to work out the optimal number of heaters and their ideal placements.

Check that your supplier is quoting for the correct amount of heaters. Ask how many heaters your marquee will need; ask the marquee supplier for their rational for this number too. One heater simply won’t do the job in a large marquee – but it could make the quote look more attractive…

Entrance marquees and marquee doors

Can i hire a marquee in winterAs guests walk in and out of the marquee they’ll let the cold air in and the warm air out. But don’t worry, there are a couple of ways to counter this.

Marquee doors

A door, or even a set of double doors will mean that your marquee entrance can be closed when it’s not in use. Many marquees simply use a flap in the marquee wall as an entrance. This option is fine during the summer months, but open walls leak precious heat when the weather is cold.

Lifestyle marquees offer lockable, glass doors with their marquees. The doors not only help keep the heat in, they look attractive too.

Entrance marquees

Can i hire a marquee in winterPutting a buffer zone between the marquee entrance and the entertaining space is a great way to negate the impact of the cold weather. An entrance marquee also offers a space for a cloakroom, where guests can leave coats and bags.

Lifestyle marquees offer various marquee entrance solutions. Attractive, peaked pagoda marquees are a popular choice, creating a stylish and practical space.

Both doors and an entrance marquee would be the perfect solution. Ask your marquee suppliers about the entrance marquees and doors that they are able to offer.

Boarded flooring and carpets

Can i hire a marquee in winterLifestyle marquees offer two levels of boarded flooring, raised and straight to ground; which one you might choose will depend upon the ground the marquee is sitting on and/or your personal preference.

Boarded flooring sits directly on the ground, whereas raised boarded flooring sits on a metal framework and is lifted away from the ground beneath it. Raised boarded flooring is ideal when the ground is particularly uneven. Both offer a great level of insulation from the cold earth beneath.

Lifestyle marquees provide a brand new carpet with every boarded floor that they provide. Carpet is of course a great insulator; it also looks amazing and can lift marquee venue aesthetics to new levels.

Walkways and paths

Can i hire a marquee in winterYour guests will need to get from their cars to the marquee and back again. Lifestyle marquees offer both covered and non covered walkways to and from the marquee. The walkways can be constructed from boarded and carpet flooring (best under a covered walkway) or from coconut matting.

Walkways ensure that your guests wont have to walk across wet or muddy ground – and that mud and rain aren’t brought into the marquee. Check the available walkway options with every marquee supplier you speak to.

Can I hire a marquee in winter?

Yes! Give Lifestyle marquees a call on 01483 322070 to discuss your next event. Alternatively click here to contact the team.

Lifestyle marquees’s marquees are rated to resist gusts of wind of up to 80mph and are available all year around.  Speak to the team for advice on a marquee for your winter party, wedding or event.