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Party theme ideas

Planning a party or an event? You’ll want yours to be the social event of the season, but coming up with a fun, unique or interesting party theme ideas can be trickier than it sounds. Here, in no particular order, are our top 20 party theme ideas:


1. Favourite film party

From Titanic to Pretty in Pink, pay homage to your favourite movie by hosting a party with it as the theme. Invite guests to dress up as your favourite characters, heroes and villains. Dress the venue with cool movie props and have a movie inspired menu. You can lean on your theme for the soundtrack too.

2. Holiday themed party

Remember your favourite holiday destination in style. Whether it’s clubbing and chilling in Ibiza or a South African Safari, holiday themes offer lots of scope for the imagination. Play with colour and lighting, blow up your holiday snaps to poster size, or have them projected on the walls.

3. Festival style parties

Love festivals? Then why not create your own? Marquees offer that festival look and feel. Hire live bands, roaming entertainers and a caterer such as Vanilla Bean Events, that can offer a variety of interesting and diverse food stalls. You could even hire Bell tents and offer your guests the chance to glamp!

4. 1950’s themed party

What an era! Guys and galls, you’re gonna love this one! The costumes are great, cool and sexy. The music is a blast and the theming opportunities are second to none. Just make sure burgers and fries are on the menu and that there’s a jukebox in the house.

5. 1960’s party theme

Throw off those shackles and just let your hair down! What an era for music! What an era for fashion. Boundaries were broken in the ‘60s – relive the decade with some psychedelic outfits, hippy hairstyles and a carefree attitude.

6. 1970’s themed party

Okay, it’s been done before – but it’s soooo much fun. The costumes are great, the hairstyles are amazing and the soundtrack is awesome. You can play with lots of theming ideas and props in your venue too. Saturday night fever style light up dancefloors are available for hire… just saying!

7. 1980’s themed party

Diverse, anarchic, androgynous and cool. From Kylie to the Sex pistols, New Romantics to Punk – an 80’s party has it all covered. Go with one overall theme or break up your venue into themed zones to give a shout out to the diverse music of the era.

8. Black and white party

It’s surprising seeing how differently your guests will interpret this simple theme! Have fun with styling – Black and white lends itself to some cool contemporary theming. Black & white dancefloors and bars are readily available and a cool lighting plan can really set things off.

9. Ratpack party

What could be more stylish than a Ratpack party? Channel your inner Dean Martin, get your Sammy Davis on, or go with classic Sinatra. The soundtrack is written and the party virtually styles itself. Introduce some rich colours, add some icon imagery from the era and hire plenty of lounge furniture and place some tall bar stools at the bar.

10. Great Gatsby party

The Great Gatsby has become one of the most popular party theme ideas in recent years. Think speakeasy, cool exclusive spaces and cocktail bars. Create a cool art deco styled venue with black and gold colour splashes. Gents, break out your Spatz, white ties and hats, and for the ladies – beaded dresses, long gloves and T-strap heels. So much fun!

11. Future party

Anything goes! What’s your vision of the future? Get really creative with the theming and let your guests interpret the theme in their own way. There’ll be plenty of robots and more than the odd space alien but the ‘Future’ is a pretty open theme that will inspire some interesting ideas and costumes.

12. Sci-Fi party theme

Keep it general or choose your favourite show or movie. The costumes will be readily available and there are hundreds of characters for your guests to choose from. You could even create your own Comicon! Remember – Geek is the new chic!

13. Disney themed parties

There are decades of ideas in this one! Leave the theme open and let your guests choose their outfits from a multitude modern to classic favourites. The party will be full of colour and what could be more fun than seeing Sleeping Beauty rocking out to a club classic at 2am?

14. Superhero party

We all love a superhero. Who doesn’t want to be Wonder Woman, batman or Superman – even if it’s just for one night? Hire backdrops and banners and movie props to decorate your venue. Project classic movies onto the venue wall. Just remember, not everyone looks great in Lycra….

15. Beach party

Relaxed summer vibes, swim suits, suntan lotion and sand – lots of sand! Make sure you have seafood on your menu, a cocktail bar is a must. What more evocative theme exists? Everyone loves their summer holiday, so why not let them relive their favourite with a beach party themed event?

16. Club Tropicana

Probably the most colourful of our party theme ideas. Neon and bright colours galore! Short shorts, sunglasses, straw hats and Hawaiian shirts. Pink flamingos, cocktail umbrellas and inflatable pineapples! Plus the music of the 1980s… it’s a bold theme, it’s not understated – choose this one if you’re ready to party hard!

17. Arabian or Moroccan theme

Cool, stylish and sophisticated. Low furniture is the order of the day, along with deep, rich colours and some beautiful, ornate decorative touches. Fire pits and Moroccan lanterns add style and don’t forget plenty of floor cushions too. One thing’s for sure – the food will be amazing.

18. Roman party

Togas and Gladiators! A Roman themed party will be full of opulence. There’ll be plenty of good food and the wine will flow. Be sure to leave plenty of bowls of grapes lying around. Low furniture and cushions work well here and there are lots of theming options – hire in plastic columns and statues to set the event space off.

19. Masquerade ball theme

A masquerade ball is full of elegance and mystery. Beautifully draped rooms and opulent touches – masquerade can lean on art deco styling too, so think blacks and golds. There are plenty of props and art deco bars for hire, just don’t forget the masks! One of our favourite party theme ideas.

20. Under the sea

Party beneath the waves! There are props galore available to hire – treasure chest, giant clam shells… Use balloons for bubbles and create wave and water effects with blue and white sheets. A water feature such as a fountain is a wonderful touch. Shimmering dresses and mermaid outfits for the ladies and for the men, think Neptune or even Captain Nemo! For pure fantasy and fun, you can’t find a better theme!

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