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Heaters for marquees

Winter. It’s enough to make anyone want to wrap up in a duvet and hibernate for a few months. The thought of having a marquee event at this time of year is, quite frankly, ridiculous – isn’t it?

Logic naturally dictates that winter events should be held indoors, contained within rooms with solid walls, floors and ceilings, rooms with central heating where guests don’t need to keep hats and scarves on for the entire duration. And we get that.

Well heated marquees are perfect for winter events

We know that not all marquees are fit for all-year-round purpose – you may even have experience of marquee parties and events where things went horribly wrong when the weather turned foul. That’s exactly the reason why we make sure that ours are strong and sturdy, able to withstand the worst weather.

But we also understand just how important the ambient temperature is to creating a great party atmosphere in a marquee during the winter.

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Guests should be able to enter the marquee without fear of shivering for the next few hours, happy to hand over their coats before joining the party – even on the coldest night, a party in a marquee shouldn’t feel any different to a venue made of bricks and mortar.

At Lifestyle marquees we don’t simply provide the marquee, we take care of everything required for a fantastic guest experience. And in the winter months, that means providing heaters for marquees that will keep guests warm and happy. Depending on the size of marquee we offer several options and will happily recommend the most effective for your event.

Heaters for Marquees: Dealing with the coldest temperatures

For larger marquee spaces we recommend indirect heaters. The heater units themselves sit outside the marquee and heat is directed via ducting and discreet vents at floor level.

Integrated into the marquee design, you’ll barely notice the system but you’ll feel the benefit all the same.

Heaters for marquees

The advantage of this system is that the temperature can be controlled throughout the event. Thus maintaining optimum temperatures whether guests are sat down to eat or dancing for hours on the dance floor.

Finally, our premium heating system is best described as ‘whisper quiet’, it’s the ultimate in sophistication.

Keeping the marquee warm

Of course, other than heaters for marquees, there are other aspects that help to keep a marquee warm. Lined walls and ceiling help reduce heat loss, as does a boarded floor covered with carpet. When you decide to hold a marquee event in the winter – and choose Lifestyle marquees as your marquee supplier – you can be assured that it’s a perfectly sensible idea even if conditions turn arctic outside!

Thinking of holding a part or event over the next few months? Find out more about Lifestyle marquees’s marquees and the available heaters for marquees – call us on 01483 322070 or email