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Winter weddings

Winter weddings. We talk about them a lot here at Lifestyle marquees. We actually think that the winter is one of the most magical times of year for a wedding in a marquee. But the summer season continues to be our busiest period for wedding marquee hire.

We want to shine a light on winter wedding marquee hire and what better way to do so than to speak to one of our recent winter wedding brides?

We asked New Year’s Eve bride, Lucy Dalwadi, why she chose to hold her wedding in the winter. How she ensured that everything was just perfect on the day, and whether there was any advice she’d offer to those also considering having a winter wedding.


Winter weddings: A client’s view

Hi Lucy, thanks so much for talking the time to talk to us.

We love winter weddings, but not everybody understands just how magical a winter wedding marquee can be. Can I ask, what was it that led you to choose to have a winter wedding? Did you have any concerns? And if so, how they were addressed?

Winter weddingsI was always pro having a winter wedding and actually more concerned about having a summer wedding and having to worry about it raining when people would want to be outside.

My only concerns were if it snowed – would it be hard to put the marquee up? But this was addressed by planning plenty of time for the Marquee to be put up. The only other worry was temperature but we had plenty of heaters, so the marquee was very warm!

What was it that made holding your wedding at this time of year so special?

I loved having our wedding on New Year’s Eve! It’s always been a magical time of year I think, full of promise. Everyone’s in good spirits from Christmas and in the mood for a party. I loved that we could make it romantic and cosy. I think guests liked it because it was a bit different too. 

Some people may feel winter weddings are more limited than summer [weddings] but theres’ so many fun things you can do; mulled wine, wintery scents, fire pits, and everyone gathers inside so stays together. 

It felt so sparkly and magical. We did celestial theme [with our] stationery etc. It fit perfectly with a winter eve. 


Choose the right suppliers

How important was it to get the right suppliers on board for your winter wedding?

Very – We went with Lifestyle marquees Marquees because they’d done lots of winter events, so knew how to execute it properly – we felt totally assured throughout.

 So, what important elements did you look for when choosing your suppliers?  

Winter weddingsExperience doing winter events previously. Menus from caterers that weren’t just summer wedding based. A flexible attitude was important too.

We had to be prepared for snow, which didn’t happen in the end – but having suppliers that were well prepared and easy to communicate with was important. 

Also having suppliers that understood that we wanted to combine the magic of winter with a wedding feel – which they all did and delivered wonderfully. 

Did you achieve your vision with your suppliers?

 Yes I wanted people to walk in and feel instantly relaxed and cosy. We had a wedding scent candle from Le Labo which had a beautiful warm, firey, winter scent, and our caterers helped us do Mulled wine for all our guests so there was this feeling of warmth on arrival.


Winter wedding advice?

What would be the main piece of advice you would give anyone considering a winter wedding?

Plan carefully and find suppliers you trust. Use the beauty of winter to plan your day, the cosiness, the extravagant feeling, the lighting. Our wedding photos are all just as the sun is going down and it gives the most beautiful back drop. 

winter weddingsJust because it isn’t a warm sunny day doesn’t mean you can’t use the natural outside landscape to plan your day. Think of entry ways, windows that could look out over a field full of fairy lights. So many possibilities – this is something Lifestyle marquees marquees helped us with a lot! 

I remember vividly, as I walked through the front door of your wedding marquee on the night, being hit with warmth and the smell of mulled wine, which I had never experienced before. It was magical.

 Is there anything that Lifestyle marquees could have done better?

I actually can’t think of a single thing I’d change, we were so thrilled with the whole service from start to finish, we left a review on google for you!

Thank you Lucy, it’s been a real pleasure talking to you. We enjoyed working with you too and thank you for the wonderful review!


Has Lucy’s experience inspired you?

Talk to us about winter weddings! We’d love to talk to you about your plans and find out how we can help create your dream event.

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