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Temporary classroom

As of 1st June 2020 UK Government policy changed to allow for the opening of schools and educational settings to more pupils. Whilst this may be good news for many, it presents significant challenges for educational establishments themselves.

How do you provide a valuable, worthwhile educational experience whilst also keeping pupils and staff safe, socially and physically distanced?

A temporary classroom marquee could be the answer

Schools are often challenged with finding enough space to house students. Recently, this has been due to issues such as the schools concrete crisis and the global pandemic. But usually these needs arise due to renovation or construction work. It can be difficult to find the extra space you need, but we may be able to offer a suitable solution.

temporary classroom marqueesWe offer a variety of marquee options that could help to create additional classroom areas. Each marquee designed and built to offer maximum benefit in its unique setting. Careful consideration will be given to ensure that each installation is appropriate for the educational and physical distancing needs of each educational establishment.

Not only are Lifestyle marquees able to supply the structures, they can also install or extend IT networks, source furniture, supply power, lighting and heating: An all in one temporary classroom solution.

IT & networking solutions for temporary classrooms – a complete service

Via a specialist partner and subject to site survey, Lifestyle marquees can provide networks for wired and wireless access using both wired and wireless connections, and can extend your pre-existing networks (for up to 3000 users) into the temporary classroom setting. Alternatively, stand alone temporary networks (wired and wireless) can be installed, running on a 5G internet supply in approved locations (or 4G where 5G isn’t available). Lifestyle marquees can also provide private and guest networks, as well as hourly reports -allowing for the monitoring of network usage.

Lifestyle marquees are able to supply all power, lighting and networking solutions required to create a complete temporary classroom. Speak to a member of the team to find out more about the IT and power solutions available.

Temporary classroom extension marquees

temporary classroom marquees

Lifestyle marquees are able to offer temporary classroom extension marquees. Extension marquees attach directly to buildings to create a ‘seamless’ entry point, extending the available school/classroom space.

Extension marquees vary in size according to available space and/or requirement and can therefore be configured in a variety of different ways to suit specific needs.

A large extension marquee could be created to contain a number of individual, separate temporary classroom spaces. Individual classrooms could even feature their own entry and exit points; making following physical distancing guidelines simpler, safer and more practical. This would also limit the need for pupils and staff to use the schools internal and potentially overcrowded corridors.

A series of smaller, individual temporary classroom extension marquees might be the answer in certain settings. If the issue is creating enough space for individual classroom members to remain physically distant then increasing individual classroom space with an extension marquee could be the ideal solution.

Individual marquees can feature exit and entry points that allow students to access their classrooms without needing to use narrow internal corridors of the school/college building.

Large Stand alone temporary classroom marquees

temporary classroom marquees

Why not utilise the available outdoor space at your educational establishment? Build one standalone marquee on your sports field, playground or car park area and create several, individual classroom spaces within.

Each classroom can feature its own entrance and exit points; meaning students will not have to vie for physical distancing space with pupils from other classes when coming to/leaving or taking breaks during the day. If there is enough exterior space around the marquee it may even be possible for Lifestyle marquees to create separate, fenced outdoor recreational spaces, linked to each individual marquee classroom.

Multiple stand alone temporary classroom marquees

If you have the space and would prefer to keep classes as separate from one another as possible, why not consider a series of separate stand alone marquees within the grounds of your establishment?

This configuration should allow for the maximum amount of physical distancing space between students from different classes. It would also make it simple to section off outdoor exercise and break spaces around each individual structure.


Adaptable marquee structures suitable for any setting all year around

temporary classroom marqueesMarquees are adaptable structures, making them ideal as temporary classrooms in any setting and at any time of year. Firstly, as they are modular structures they can be as big or small as needed. They can also fit into into unusual or difficult spaces: small, sloping ground, over ponds/pools, plants, small trees or other landscaping features.

They can be fitted with clear window walls to provide external views. Their ‘walls’ can be opened up on warm, sunny days to provide airflow and so that students can enjoy the weather. Marquees are also viable during the winter months; they are rated to withstand gusts of wind of up to 80 mph. The addition of thermostat controlled marquee heaters means that they can be kept warm and comfortable, even on the coldest of days.

Interested in finding out more about temporary classroom marquees?

Give us a call and speak to a member of our team. There are many ways in which a marquee structure can be used to create safe, socially and physically distanced educational spaces.

We will be able to discuss your individual requirements and offer you a ball-park estimate over the telephone. We will also be able to survey your site using online technology before creating and sending you a visual representation of your potential marquee configuration. Call 01372 459 485 or email for more details.