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Planning a honeymoon

A Honeymoon has to be one of the most exciting holidays to plan! Whether you choose to visit an exotic location, take an around the World trip or celebrate in a location that’s special and personal to you, it’s going to be a holiday of a lifetime.

So how do you choose your Honeymoon destination? Remember, it’s a holiday for both of you, the start of your married life together. There’ll be discussions to have, decisions to make and compromises along the way. We hope you enjoy our guide to planning the perfect Honeymoon.


Set your Honeymoon budget

Planning a HoneymoonDo this before surfing the net to look for your dream Honeymoon destination. Remember, the more budget that you allocate to your Honeymoon, the less you’ll have to spend on your wedding – and vice-versa.

Be realistic and agree a budget that you are both comfortable with. You’ll want to enjoy the experience without having to worry about every penny that you spend. The last thing you want to do is kick off married life by arguing about money!

What type of holiday do you want?

Beach holiday? Adventure? City break? Do you both enjoy lounging on the beach, drinking cocktails? Or do you both love the idea of an action packed Safari? Planning your Honeymoon will be easy if you both love the same things, but life’s rarely that straightforward!

If you each have a different idea as to what makes a great holiday, some compromises and careful planning will be required.

What time of year will you take your Honeymoon?

It’s a really important question, yet it’s often overlooked. Your ideal wedding date might have a huge impact on your choice of honeymoon destination.

If you’re planning on Honeymooning as soon as you are married, you’ll need to think carefully when setting the date. A wedding during the height of English summertime might appeal, but if you’re considering Honeymooning somewhere such as Sri Lanka then you’ll be heading there during the rainy season.

lots of people choose to defer their honeymoon date. This means that they get to have their dream wedding date and their perfect Honeymoon destination too. A gap between wedding and Honeymoon dates also means there’ll be more time to save up.


Where will you stay?

Consider your accommodation carefully. You may be happy to compromise on the quality of your accommodation if it means you can afford your dream destination – but make sure your betrothed agrees!

Planning a HoneymoonWhatever type of accommodation you agree upon, be sure to do your research. Check out the star ratings and read customer reviews. The phrase ‘The camera never lies’ is a lie in itself! A great picture is just a great picture – there could be a building site just out of shot. A photo of a beautiful, freshly decorated room could be ten years out of date.

As with so many things, remember that you get what you pay for. If the deal seems too good to be true then it almost certainly is.

Book your Honeymoon as early as possible

This way you’ll secure the best price. Last minute bookings inevitably end up costing much more. Plus, your choices and options are likely to be limited the later you leave things.

If you have somewhere special in mind then don’t delay. Imagine how disappointed you’ll be if the hotel you love gets booked up. And what if there are no places left on the Safari that you’d hoped would be the trip of a lifetime?

Planning your Honeymoon?

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