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You may not have invested a lot of your spare time thinking about marquee heaters – life’s too short right? But if you are planning an event then this is probably a good time to find out more.

It seems obvious that marquee heating is essential for events held during the UK’s colder months, but what about during the summer months? There’s more to marquee heaters that you might think…

Read our guide and find out more about marquee heaters and what they can do for you during the winter months and beyond.


Marquee heaters during winter

We build some incredible marquees. In fact, some so incredible that you could be forgiven for forgetting that you are in a marquee. Boarded flooring, carpets, glass entrance doors and windows, paneled walls, chandeliers and beautiful furniture can create the illusion of a permanent structure.

While many of the afore mentioned elements create a cosy environment and can help insulate against drafts, cold and damp, a marquee is still a temporary structure.

A series of well-placed heater units will keep your structure and your guests toasty and warm all evening long. Your marquee provider will be able to advise you on the number of heaters you’ll need – and the best placement for them.

Heating for marquees during the summer

While essential during the winter months, marquee heating units should be a serious consideration for summer events too. Why? Well, there are a couple of compelling reasons…

Hot days can become chilly evenings

marquee heatersA scorching hot day can quickly turn into a chilly evening once the sun goes down. You’ll want to ensure that your guests remember your event for all the right reasons; not because they felt cold. The later into the evening the event goes on, the more likely you are to need heaters.

Adding heaters to your set up is more than just an insurance policy against tumbling evening temperatures; Lifestyle marquees’s marquee heater units offer additional benefits too…

When is a marquee heater not a heater? When it’s a fan

Marquee heaters can also be used as fans; moving air around the structure to create a cooling breeze. Perfect if it turns out to be a hot, stuffy or humid day. Dancing guests can generate a lot of heat, so if you anticipate a lot of excitable people gathering to dance in a specific space within the marquee, a heater/fan unit might turn out to be something you are very glad to have included in your spec.

How do our heaters work?

Lifestyle marquees’s marquee heating units are incredible and versatile units. Not only do they double up as fans, but they are brilliant in other ways too.

Are marquees warm marquee heaterMarquee heating technology has moved on hugely in recent years. Lifestyle marquees’s heaters are whisper quiet, they pump heat into the marquee via a series of discrete floor vents and are thermostat controlled so it’s easy to adjust the temperature to suit your needs throughout the event. The heater units sit on the outside of the tent and are placed in as discrete locations as possible; however, if a heater needs to be placed in a more overt location, we are able to screen them off to improve the aesthetics.

So, should you add heaters to your marquee spec?

If it’s the winter months then we’d highly recommend that you do. For events during the summer months they might be considered more of a luxury; it’s a judgement call.

For the relatively small additional cost of heater hire you’ll be able to either warm up or cool down your guests are needed! It’s the small details that can make all the difference to the success or otherwise at an event. Ultimately, you may decide not to hire heater units, but they are definitely worth considering for events held at any time of the year.

Talk to us about marquee hire

We’d really love to discuss your next event with you. Our team is happy to offer advice on a number of elements, including marquee heating. We’ve been creating beautiful and inspiring marquees for over 40 years; we know our business and we understand that you want a stress free experience, a fantastic marquee and the most amazing event possible. Talk to us on 01483 322070 or email