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unusual marquee uses

Unusual marquee uses? We’ve all seen marquees in use at fetes and country markets. They’re regularly used to create unique wedding and party venues, and are frequently seen at conferences, exhibitions and product launches. But marquees have a secret life too…

Here are 5 unusual ways in which marquees are sometimes used:

1. Sleepover marquees

Having a party for friends and relatives? Perhaps a milestone celebration that you’d love all of your nearest and dearest to attend?

Luxury marquee marquee usesA marquee makes for a great party venue. Unique, bespoke designed and built to each and every clients needs and specification. Parties are great. But if your hosting guests in your home, or at a marquee venue on your property, where will all those guests stay?

Sleeping marquees may not be the perfect solution for every guest, but in the past we’ve supplied fully heated marquees, with flooring, electrics and toilets as dormitory style sleeping quarters for younger party goers!

This may be one of the most unusual marquee uses that you’ve heard of, but we’ve supplied sleeping marquees to clients on more than one occasion; and with rave reviews from the overnight occupants too!

2. Funerals, wakes and celebration of life venues

It’s important to say goodbye to our loved ones in a way that represents them. It’s also important to ensure that everyone that would like to be a part of the occasion can be.

Marquee hireAs marquee uses go, it may sound unusual, but it’s something that we are asked to provide on a regular basis.

Venues such as Clandon Wood Nature Reserve and Natural Burial Ground in Surrey, are growing in popularity. And whilst they offer fantastic facilities, a huge part of the attraction is the natural setting of such venues. Buildings suitable for hosting large groups of mourners and well-wishers are often traded for smaller more intimate organic structures.

Marquees are perfect at such venues. They can be designed and built with scenic views and peaceful surrounds in mind. Either by including glass or transparent PVC walls, or by opening up the sides of the marquee, guests can enjoy the peace and serenity of their surroundings as they bid farewell to their friend or loved one.

And when it comes to wakes and celebrations of life, marquees are fabulous spaces that can accommodate huge groups. A marquee at a family home often allows families and friends to gather together to bid a fond and poignant farewell to their nearest and dearest in a setting that offers memories and emotional reminders at every turn.

3. Storage marquee uses

Extra space long term hire marquee usesMarquees are great short to medium length storage solutions. But they’re not a cheap option! A decent storage marquee can offer solid, raised flooring, solid sides, secure lockable doors and even climate control solutions.

That said, short term, seasonal storage marquees are a perfect solution for stores and restaurants at times such as Christmas.
Retailers often need to find a way to maximise sales opportunities during the busiest periods. Shop floor space can be at a premium and stock rooms can be packed to the rafters and difficult to manage.

A storage marquee could be the ideal solution. Especially for those who have an enclosed courtyard or secure area in which to erect one.

4. Marquee extensions

Extension marquees come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. And for a variety of uses to.

Marquee extensionOne of the most innovative marquee uses; becoming a trend during the pandemic, is the retail extension. Shops, restaurants, bars and cafes have discovered that marquees not only offer additional space for clients during a global pandemic… but that they also offer an opportunity to display more goods or to provide more covers – at any time of the year.

We’ve previously provided café and restaurant extensions that have allowed our clients to utilise their unused outdoor space during the winter months. Offering their clients a warm, dry space to enjoy a drink, a snack or to peruse goods.

And despite marquee hire costs, the retailers themselves have found that they’ve been able to make the most of additional income opportunities.

But it’s not just within the retail arena that the extension marquee thrives. House extension marquees are hugely popular. Although a fantastic addition at any time of the year, a marquee extension is perfect during the winter months, allowing additional, dining, dancing and entertaining space, whilst still allowing the party to take place at home!

5. Pool covers

Long Term Marquee Hire marquee usesYes, pool covers. Each and every year we provide marquee pool covers. Usually during the winter months, offering additional protection from the elements, but sometimes to extend the swimming season by a month or so too.

A pool cover marquee can be a great way to ensure pool use during the unpredictable British summertime too! Whilst the sides can be closed on cooler, breezier days, they can be opened during the warmest days of the year. And a top only marquee is a great way to enjoy your pool when it’s rainy too.

Unusual marquee uses: Put us to the test!

Do you have a unique or unusual situation that you think a marquee could help with? We’re known for creative ideas, solution finding and problem solving. And we love a challenge.
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