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 marquee is a fantastic space for a party; unique and extraordinarily flexible – all it takes is a little imagination and you’ll create a party that your guests will always remember.

But what do you do if you don’t have the time, or the imagination to create your own marquee party?  We spoke to Mike Walker of luxury party planners MGN events who was happy to share his top tips for transforming a marquee into a stunning party space


party marqueeChoose the right marquee for your party

Your choice of marquee will help establish an atmosphere. From modern and ultra-adaptable frame-tents to contemporary stretch tents, ideal for rustic and festival-themed parties. Equally, a traditional pole tent marquee could create a totally unexpected interior environment, conjuring up images of English country gardens that will take guests by surprise as they enter!

Create a unique party venue

Party marqueesBringing a party to life within a marquee is a test only of the imagination. Whether your party has a very distinct theme or you simply want to create a particular mood, a marquee is a blank canvas waiting to be brought to life. We’ve transformed marquees into nightclubs, recreated the Gatsby era, gone all-American and rock ‘n’ roll, the possibilities are endless. Creating plenty of visual impact is key; in what is potentially a large space, you’ll need to make a statement with your decoration.

The space is flexible

Don’t necessarily think of the marquee as one big space. There are lots of ways in which to create different zones for a great guest experience; from the bar to dancefloor and chill-out area, as well as basic necessities such as a cloakroom and toilets.

There’s always room for a surprise

It’s amazing what you can do with a reveal curtain – we once successfully concealed an eight-piece band from a marquee full of guests at one party, which was a fantastic surprise for everyone and especially for the birthday girl. Think of it as having a few little tricks up your sleeve that will keep adding to the experience.

Lighting makes all the difference

Advanced lighting technology means that we create the most incredible lighting schemes and effects inside marquees. It’s important to think about lighting outside as well. Lighting can help guide your guests to the marquee, it also creates a wow factor from the moment they arrive.

MGN events is one of the UK’s leading party planning and management companies, with an excellent reputation for creating unique and inspiring party experiences.